@text1_boldintro,:4 Industrial Way, North End Boulevard Corp to Oclas Realty Partners, $125,000

14 Knightland Rd, Anna & Richard O Emmons Revocable Trusts to Steven K & Deborah J Scribner, $377,000


@text1_boldintro,:Fremont Rd, Edward F Sargent to C & D Realty Trust, $55,000

159 Haverhill St, Reddy Properties Llc to Denise Chakarian, $94,000

Rte 102, Timothy G & Catherine E Payson to Daniel Vega, $65,000


@text1_boldintro,:Deerlick Rd, Thomas E & Christine Midgley to Andrea & Joanne A Cugno, $160,000

Kingston Rd, Value Added Homes Llc to Peter P & Leo R Cameron, $294,933


@text1_boldintro,:Unit 3-110 Bunker Estates, Jmj Properties Llc to Manuel A & Susan J Mcmahon, $137,000

614 Collettes Grove, Richard T Sr & Richard T Jr Long to Patricia Nawn Et Al, $89,533

Unit B Farmstead Acres, Karen A Poisson to Gregory P & Darcy Lynne Leblanc, $142,533

93 Franklin St, Dale & Nichole Cailler to Nicholas Chagaris, $316,000

7 Harvest Dr, Hampstead Rd + Harvest Dr Llc to Philippe J Crettol Et Al, $448,133

6 Shelly Dr, Thomas P Clougherty to Samantha E Bettencourt Et Al, $232,733

Unit 51 Stonegate V, Melissa Dubois Et Al to Christos Spanos, $84,000


@text1_boldintro,:33 Adeline St, Richard E & Jeannette A Paduchowski to Mark L & Carolyn A Hogan, $345,000

Granite Vlg Retirement Comm, Louis V Dufresne Jr to James Obrien, $115,000

Granite Vlg Retirement Comm, Richard P & Sandra Lee Deblois to Arthur J & Carol A Oconnor, $149,533

11 Starwood Dr, Jason R Hebert to Matthew S Wakim Et Al, $232,400


@text1_boldintro,:174 Ashworth Ave, Ashworth Six Llc to John L & Ann A Boscaker, $459,000

20 Bride Hill Dr, Edward M & Cheryl C Green to Erin & Shawn Shanaver, $406,000

Unit 9 Daniels Landing, Donald L & Evelyn A Bourassa to Jason C & Elizabeth Doppler Bourassa, $225,000

3 Dupuis Cir, Andrew J & Dianne C Karpman to Cedric Richard Et Al, $414,000

Unit 12 Embassy South, Edmond Y & Odette Yeganeh to Sayad Llc, $120,000

Unit B Hampton Harbor, Alec E Rich Iii to Karl H Jacobs, $182,533

6 Huckleberry Ln, David E & Ellen L Johnson to Richard A & Mary Ann S Anderson, $320,000

11R Johnson Ave, Matthew T & Hillary K Holian to Kathleen Doucette, $157,000

419 Ocean Blvd, Paula Pierce Et Al to J Hunter Properties Llc, $575,733

275 Ocean Blvd, Jcm Capital Management Llc to Surf Condo & Retail Of Hampton, $2,500,000

Unit 19 Ocean Willows, Jonathan M Bardwell to Edwin P & Justine E Quimby, $195,000

86 Woodland Rd, Bank Of America Na to Tuck Realty Corp, $405,000


@text1_boldintro,:31 Colby Rd, William & Kathryn Pate to Katie A & Nicholas A Watts, $274,000

7 Lucien Ave, Tammy J & David A White to David B & Erin M Chamberlain, $213,000

Unit 8 Rowell Estates, Linda Moro Family Trust to 323 Main Street Realty Trust, $185,000


@text1_boldintro,:Bockmon Mhp, Carol Desrochers to Melissa S & Ernest W Brien, $52,000

8 Calla Rd, Lorden Commons Llc to Richard T & Meaghan M Ivey, $454,000

17 Cortland St, Joseph J & Jeanne C Maggio Irrevocable Trust to Kathleen M Can, $264,000

29 Cross Rd, Bonnie L Sweeney to Kelly L & Matthew T Maher, $230,000

Unit 2 Fox Run, Paul M & Rosemarie G Hatin to William J Donaghey, $185,000

3B Garden Ln, New England Industrial Prop to 3Bgl Llc Et Al, $350,000

15 Kimball Rd, Raymond A & Kathleen L Skinner to Kevin P & Laurie A Greene, $270,000

7 Terracewood Rd, Jeffrey J & Lynn W Peters to Christopher & Julie C Duddy, $355,000

12 Woods Ave, Christopher R & Julie C Duddy to Matthew R & Amy Casparius, $239,933


@text1_boldintro,:Unit 10 Sargent Woods, Lewis Builders Development Inc to Joseph J & Jeanne C Maggio Irrevocable Trust, $316,267

Unit 67 Sargent Woods, Lewis Builders Development Inc to Louis G & Maureen J Dionne, $262,533

Unit 9 Sargent Woods, Lewis Builders Development Inc to Robert W & Sally D Kidson, $276,000

Smith Corner Rd, Karen G Barrows to Mahabe Llc, $124,000


@text1_boldintro,:Cranberry Ln, Joey J Coutu Sr to Melanie A Howes, $175,000

34 Jones Farm Rd, Muldoon Family Trust to Dina M Lambroukos Et Al, $414,933

11 Magnolia Dr, Peter W & Theresa M Catalano to Jasen R & Christina G Tetreault, $378,000

, Joey J Coutu Sr to Melanie A Howes, $0

Thomas Ave, Sheila A Dasilva to Melanie A Howes, $325,000


@text1_boldintro,:Unit 12 Moongate Farm, Pauline D Leone to Vincent R & Janet L Berthiaume, $238,000

@text1_boldintro,:60 Pollard Rd, Dale E Officer to Stephen M Woodsum Et Al, $250,000

3 Village Way, C M S Sullivan Inc to Douglas G & Linda K Meteisis, $381,533

11 Westville Rd, Casset Holdings Llc to Shannon Connaughton Et Al, $210,000


@text1_boldintro,:13 Barron Ave, Dany & Sylvia Bouraphael to Matthew Ricci Et Al, $275,000

Unit 325 Club At Meadowbrook, Albertini Family Trust to Pauline D Leone, $241,000

Hawk Dr, Leonard J & Sheryl A Blackwell to Cartus Financial Corp, $390,000

21 Hawk Dr, Cartus Financial Corp to Steven J Savard Et Al, $390,000

7 Nugget Hill Rd, Old Siver Farm Corp to Dany Bouraphael, $160,000

Unit 101 Porcupine Park, Steven J Barker to Christopher D Alexander Et Al, $165,000

72 School St, Denise E Couture to Patricia N Oconnell, $230,000

24 Shepard Ave, James P & Christine E Maclean to Diana M & Shane Fuller, $276,000

319 Shore Dr, Carol A Silva Revocable Trust to Makoto Goto, $250,000

6 Tudor Dr, Frances J & James B Gorton to Traci Renzella, $397,533

Unit 15 Village At Town Center, 15 Town Village Drive Rlty Tr to Leslie H Diperri, $265,000

8 Wells Ave, Robert E & Kathleen E Anderson to Gloria B Ruiz Valle Et Al, $165,733


@text1_boldintro,:5 East Ln, Triple Bogey Corp to Debra Bretton, $130,000

131 Wells Village Rd, Remi-Sons Investments Llc to Erik K & Ann M Robb, $249,000

6 Williams St, Paul T Gaudette Et Al to Keith R Giorgi Et Al, $150,000


@text1_boldintro,:Adams Village Mhp, Paul T Oneill to T Park Realty Trust, $3,000

46A Collins Rd/5 Fowlers Ct, Paul J Hardy to Seabrook Rentals Llc, $215,000


@text1_boldintro,:15 Burnham Rd, Windham Lots Llc to Eric G & Kathryn A Shoemaker, $170,000

12 Clarke Farm Rd, Josef S & Amanda L Mathis Ozer to Daniel & Janeta Popovici-Muller, $524,600

Cricket Ridge Dr, Awac Realty Trust to Diamond Edge Realty & Dev Llc, $159,467

26 Heritage Hill Rd, Mastr Asset Bkd Secur Trust to Michael A Papa, $265,800

Unit 49 Villages Of Windham, Mjc Development Corp to Frederick C & Roberta C Anderson, $353,733

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