Eddie Huberdeau, who lives on Lawrence Road in Bradford, goes down his street to visit friends in his wheelchair and to get ice cream at the store at the end of the street. Lawrence Road used to be quiet, but now it is used by large construction vehicles and trucks — and Huberdeau is worried about getting hurt. One problem is the narrowness of the road. Even small vehicles have trouble passing and could hit Huberdeau.

HAVERHILL — On a narrow road 20 feet wide and lined with trees, drivers and pedestrians said it is no wonder they are worried and frightened when they face huge trucks coming their way.

After many close calls with trucks, Lawrence Road residents are asking the City Council to ban the large vehicles that they say are dangerous.

Large trucks have been using the tiny street as a shortcut to Salem Street in Bradford.

Lawrence Road resident Eddie Huberdeau, who uses an electric wheelchair, needs to ride toward the middle of the street because there are no sidewalks and the edges of the road are cracking away. There is little room for him when the trucks pass.

“It used to be a nice walk,” he said. “And now it’s just a hassle.”

City Councilor Robert Scatamacchia calls it a public safety danger, and he wants to ban large trucks from the road. He has not yet determined what size trucks should be banned, but he

introduced the issue to the City Council last night for review.

The trucks appear to be dump trucks and 18-wheelers used for construction and for hauling heavy amounts of dirt or other materials, Scatamacchia said.

“It’s just not the type of street that should be used for trucks of that size,” Scatamacchia said. The street is about eight football fields long starting at the Groveland line and stretching to Salem Street in Bradford.

When trucks are on the road, opposing drivers usually pull to the side and stop to allow the big rigs to pass.

Scatamacchia and residents said trucks use the road because it is a straight trip from Main Street in Groveland to Salem Street, a main Bradford thoroughfare.

Trucks coming or going from routes 97 and 113 in Groveland should use the wider Groveland Road to get into Bradford, not Lawrence Road, Scatamacchia said.

He said several neighbors contacted him about the problem.

Diane Hanagan, who has lived on Lawrence Road for 54 years, has a list of concerns about truck dangers.

She owns a dog-sitting company and needs to walk the animals on the street, and she is nervous for her elderly relatives, who go to their roadside mailbox where the trucks zoom by.

Hanagan also is concerned for a family of beavers that live on the street.

“The big trucks come racing by, and I’m not saying racing for no reason,” Hanagan said. “They come around like they own the road.”

Ron Darchanglo of 4 Lawrence Road said the street is so narrow that bigger trucks clip the thick branches of trees that lean into the road.

“There is just not enough space,” he said. “It’s very dangerous.”

He said he believes the trucks come from West Newbury through Groveland Square, and cut across Lawrence Street to get to Bradford, Boxford and North Andover.

Theresa Collins works at a private home on Lawrence Road and is worried about the truck traffic and speeders. She said something has to be done.

“It’s not just the trucks,” Collins said. “The cars just fly. They are dangerous.”

City Councilor David Hall said he recalls a feasibility study done for Lawrence Road that determined that trucks more than 5 tons should not use the road. Some large sport utility vehicles are 3 tons.

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