ROWLEY — While the name Donald Trump conjures images of the Las Vegas strip and the Miss America Pageant, a group of local businessmen hope Rowley and customized nutrition will be included in those images soon enough.

The Trump Network, a direct-sales company based along Route 1 in Rowley, is expanding rapidly with a new round of hiring scheduled for the coming months.

"It's been wild," said Scott Stanwood, founder and vice president of communications. "We just moved to a 6,800-square-foot space (where Ipswich Glass was) and we're building it out and handling our substantial growth."

Stanwood, of West Newbury, started the business 20 years ago with his brother, Todd Stanwood, and friend Lou DeCaprio.

Todd Stanwood serves as the company's CEO, and DeCaprio is the president. Prior to building a direct sales business, the three opened New England Wine and Spirits in Newburyport.

"We opened New England Wine and Spirits in 1991," Scott Stanwood said. "Our sister had actually joined a direct sales company in 1989 and said we would be great at it, so we decided to do it."

From there, the three started Ideal Health, which has since become The Trump Network.

Banking on Trump's big name, the company specializes in a variety of products to make people healthier through customized vitamins and supplements as well as skin care.

"We've been in the industry for 20 years," Stanwood said. "This company is 13 years old."

While the company was experiencing success before they joined forces with Donald Trump, Stanwood said it was good networking that brought the team together.

"Lou was presenting in New York City and met this man who put us in touch with Trump's right-hand man," Stanwood said. "He heard our passion and vision, and we worked on the partnership."

This spring, it will be a year since the company partnered with Trump.

"We are all over the country in all 50 states and soon to be international," Stanwood said.

The Trump Network also encourages individuals to become entrepreneurs and to take control of their financial well-being by selling the products.

The products are sold via multilevel marketing — a method of selling products through a network of distributors. Marketers receive commissions for the products they sell, along with a cut from products sold by other salespeople they've recruited.

Stanwood notes the five brands the network is currently selling are making a huge impact on consumers.

"We have customized nutrition for ideal health," Stanwood said. "We test people before they take our products and send a specimen to our lab. Based on that test, we can recommend products, or if they don't need anything, we don't."

Stanwood said the company's blockbuster product, Silhouette Solutions, is a weight-loss product that is actually making people lose weight and keep it off.

Other products include a nutritious energy drink, a line of nutrition products for children named "Snazzle Snaxx" and a soon-to-be-released anti-aging skin care line.

Stanwood said what he and his brother and partner love about the Trump Network is the ability to help people become better.

"We love it because it's the only industry where you can take an ordinary person and see them do extraordinary things," Stanwood said. "Better health, better look; it's a huge opportunity to become better financially."

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