WINDHAM — Children in Windham soon will get letters from the Easter Bunny.

It's a six-year tradition in the town.

Windham Recreation coordinator Cheryl Haas will handle the bunny's correspondence, as she always does.

"I usually do about 100 letters," Haas said. "I probably have about 20 of them (now)."

Parents request the letters in forms that can be downloaded from the town website, They are asked to provide a stamped envelope for the bunny's return letter.

What children receive will be a personalized invitation to the town's annual Easter egg hunt. The letter might say something about a family pet or Easter tradition of the family.

The bunny also might send some surprises, too, stickers, coloring sheets or a riddle.

While some communities find ways to answer children's letters to Santa, Windham is the only New Hampshire town to Haas' knowledge that extends greetings on behalf of the Easter Bunny.

"I don't know any other town that does them," Haas said.

She started handling the bunny's mail when she was working in Meredith. The duty followed her to Windham, when she was hired by the town.

"It's a lot of fun," Haas said.

The invitations probably add to attendance at the popular Easter egg hunt, Haas acknowledged.

"We really don't need help with attendance, but we probably get more people," Haas said. "We never have an issue with attendance, even with the rain."

This year's Easter egg hunt, for boys and girls up to age 9, will be Saturday, April 16, at 10:45 a.m. outside Town Hall.

The deadline for parents to request letters from the Easter Bunny is April 6. Forms can be mailed to the recreation office or dropped off.

Questions about the letters can be directed to Haas at 965-1208.

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