Today’s donors:

In memory of Louis J. Gosselin and Roger J. Bradley, from Liberty Acres Tree Farm$100

In loving memory of Connie Milley, from her husband Art$50

In memory of Frances O’Leary, from David O’Leary$100

In memory of Alexander, Mary, Lorraine Cody, Raymond, Mary and Julie Kenyon, and Justine (Kenyon) Riopelle, from Robert Cody$100


With appreciation for our four beautiful and healthy grandchildren, Molly, Jack, Olivia and Grace, from Bernard and Jean Rose Kenney$50

In loving memory of our parents and grandparents, Ted and Wanda Lee, Bob Komusin, from Gary, Nancy, Jason, Aaron and Meghan$100

Good memories of George, Edie and Phil, from Gin and Phil$213

In memory of my deceased family, from Brenda Birdsall$50

In loving memory of the Rev. Louis Gerard Comtois and Dr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Venti. Each one was a source of inspiration to others through example. Let us always remember their good deeds. From Margo$50

In loving memory of my father, Edmond Schelling who taught me to be the handyman that I am today. From your son Roger$50

In loving memory of my beloved parents, Dolores and Paul Comtois, They were the best spiritual role models for their seven children. May they both enjoy their eternal reward — heaven. From your daughter Marguerite $50

In loving memory of our parents, Noble and Winifred Wright, Arnold and Alice Hasty, brother Bob and our dear friend Bob Rosentrater. Love, Dave and Bev Hasty $10

Wishing a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to our family, Gayle, Trish, Steve and our four wonderful granddaughters, Jaclyn, Kerri, Katherine, Jennifer, and to Nancy and Joe. Love, Dave and Bev Hasty$15

Kimberly Loehr$50

For my grandchildren. from Karen Carroll$25

In loving memory of our beloved parents, MaryJane and Joseph Paris, and Lea and Omer Lacroix. Love, Lulu and Ray$25

Nollaig shona dhuit, in memory of David R. Burke, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Burke, and Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund P. Jurowicz. From Mrs. David R. Burke $100

In memory of our parents, Janina and Louis Plonowski, our grandparents, Aniela and Wojcrech Fortuna (Babcia and Dzadziu), Aunt Felicia Rogalski and Uncle Albin Fortuna. Thank you all so very much. From Susan and Karen$100

In memory of Mom and Dad Jordan. To all a very Merry Christmas, from Janet, Tom, Alanna and David$50

Today’s total: $1,313

Total to date: $58,229

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