LAWRENCE — Angry he was being charged 25 cents for extra McNuggets sauce, a man pulled a shotgun on a McDonald’s drive-thru clerk late Tuesday night, police say.

Adalberto Tejada, 22, then led police on a short chase through downtown Lawrence before crashing his white 1997 Toyota Corolla at Haverhill and Hampshire streets.

Police received a report of a “man with a shotgun” at the McDonald’s drive-thru at 50 Broadway. The clerk said a man came to the speaker box, ordered McNuggets and then drove to the window to get his order.

Police said Tejada paid for the order, but then asked for a cup of ice and extra sweet and sour sauce for his chicken nuggets. The clerk told him it would cost 25 cents extra.

The clerk said Tejada became angry. After the clerk said he’d get the manager, Tejada told the clerk “watch your mouth” and pulled a shotgun out from his side door, according to the police report.

“The suspect placed the shotgun on his lap and kept tapping it,” Detective Paul MacMillan wrote, adding that the clerk was afraid of being shot.

The restaurant manager dialed 911.

Officer Robert Lakin, who was on patrol late Tuesday night, saw the white Corolla leaving the McDonald’s drive-thru and head west on Essex Street.

With lights and sirens on, Lakin pursued the Corolla but Tejada “accelerated” and “refused to stop,” according to Lakin.

Police pursued Tejada until he crashed into the fence at the corner of Notre Dame High School at 303 Haverhill St.

Officers ordered him at gunpoint to get out of the car. Officer Carl Farrington also alerted officers when he saw a shotgun on the front seat of the Corolla.

Tejada was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, failure to stop for police, threats, assault by means of a dangerous weapon, reckless operation, failure to stop for police, unlawful possession of ammunition and leaving the scene of a property damage accident.

In addition to a Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun and ammunition, police also seized a knife and the McDonald’s chicken nuggets receipt.

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