Merrimack Valley locals join the crowd for Patriots parade

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Coady Muniz

Coady Muniz, of Haverhill. 

'I want to come down here and rub it in his face,'

BOSTON - Coady Muniz of Haverhill made his way into Boston Tuesday morning, arriving at North Station before 9 a.m. 

Muniz said he had to go in to see the parade —his first Patriots' victory celebration —because the team he's loved since elementary school has finally tied the Pittsburgh Steelers' record for most franchise Super Bowl wins.

That's because his uncle, a "diehard" Steelers fan, "hates" quarterback Tom Brady and has always maintained his team's dominance over New England.

"Every time I get the chance, I want to come down here and rub it in his face," the 24-year-old said.

So what did Muniz' uncle have to say on Sunday night?

"He honestly looked me dead in the eye and caught me off guard," Muniz said.  "He said, 'Don't even.'" — By Kiera Blessing



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