Tonight (Wednesday) on Fox2 at 8 p.m. the Moodys debuts. One of the stars is Chelsea Frei of Andover. It has a bigtime cast with Elizabeth Perkins and Denis Leary.

Here is a story Judy Wakefield of our sister paper The Andover Townsman wrote on Frei and the show back in September.


A 2011 Andover High School graduate has landed a role on a Fox network holiday series set to air in December.

Chelsea Frei will team up with well-known Hollywood actor and comic Denis Leary — who grew up in Worcester — in “A Moody Christmas” on Fox television.

“A Moody Christmas” centers on the Moody family. Leary is the dad, Sean Sr., his wife is Ann, played by Elizabeth Perkins, and they have three grown children and an assorted mix of extended family members who gather for the holidays, with each packing his or her own eccentricities and complications.

Frei will play Bridget, the overachieving middle child who is dry-witted, perceptive and cynical. A married attorney, Bridget prides herself on being the most put-together of the siblings. But she is hiding a secret that could doom her seemingly perfect marriage.

Perkins, who plays the mother, is also an accomplished actress. She worked alongside mega-superstar-actor Tom Hanks in the movie, “Big.” She is also well known for her role as Celia Hodes in the Showtime TV series “Weeds,” for which she received three Emmy and two Golden Globe nominations.

“It’s just a great cast and I am so happy about this because it’s a dream come true,” said Frei, who performed in every school theater production while she was at Andover High.

“I’m just so happy about this,” added Frei, who after high school attended New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Frei, now of West Hollywood, California, hadn’t even seen the script for the show when she packed up and flew to Montreal, where the show is being filmed, over Labor Day weekend.

According to a press release, Fox is “envisioning this as an ongoing event series franchise with multiple installments featuring the same core cast at important events throughout the Moodys’ life cycle that could include a family wedding, a family vacation, a funeral and a graduation.”

It’s the second recent television role for Frei. She also starred in the title role of Victoria Gotti in Lifetime’s original movie, “Victoria Gotti: My Father’s Daughter,” based on the memoir of the same name. That show aired on Lifetime earlier this year.

Also, she is doing voice work in Hollywood. She can be heard in MGM’s animated re-imagining of “The Addams Family” this fall as the voice of Bethany.

Frei was also cast in “Sideswiped,” a comedy on YouTube Premium in 2018. The show was cancelled in April.

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