SALEM, Mass. — An Andover woman accused of attempting to strangle her 76-year-old mother in their Blanchard Street home is facing numerous criminal charges. 

Britta Eberle, 40, initially was arrested March 20 and charged with assault and battery on a person over age 60, strangulation or suffocation, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and attempted murder, according to an Andover police report. 

She was recently indicted by the Essex County grand jury and her case now moves to Salem Superior Court where the penalties she faces if convicted will be more severe. 

Police were called to the family home at 12:12 p.m. after Eberle attacked her mother and the mother fled to a neighbor's home, according to a police report. 

She punched her mother with a closed fist and "then used a black cord to strangle her," the police report states. 

The mother was able to grab a pencil, jam it into Eberle's leg and then flee to the neighbors. 

Eberle has a history of mental illness, has previously been hospitalized and was not taking prescribed medication at the time of the incident,  according to the report. 

Both mother and daughter were taken to area hospitals for treatment after the incident.

Eberle is not scheduled to be in superior court until Dec. 14 for a conference to review the status of the case. 

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