The following are today's contributors to The Eagle-Tribune Santa Fund:

In loving memory of "Slip" and Elaine Madigan, Grace Sanborn, and Anita Garabedian, from Matt and Erin, $50

Happy holidays, from Susan and Dan, $25

In memory of James Scott Jr., Mr. and Mrs. James Scott Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Walter Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Borseson, from Beverly Scott, $50

In memory of loved ones, from Mildred A. Driscoll, $25

From Gilbert M. Caster, $1,000

Merry Christmas! Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and blessed holiday season, from Don and Gail Smeriglio, $50

In memory of Dorothy I. Sherwood, a wonderful mother and grandmother, from Loreen and Al Augeri, $25

In memory of my parents, John and Ann Piazza, my four sisters Kathleen, Pat, Veronica and Rita. Miss you all, from Joann M. Piazza, $100

From Jeannine T. Press, $20

Happy holidays, from Mitch and Judy Kroner, $50

In memory of John and Grace Mulligan, from John Mulligan, $100

In loving memory of Rev. Louis Gerard Comtois and Dr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Venti. Each was a source of inspiration to others through example. Let us always remember their good deeds, from Margo, $50

In loving memory of my father, Edmond Schelling, who taught me to be the handyman that I am today, from son Roger, $50

In loving memory of my beloved parents, Dolores and Paul Comtois. They were the best spiritual role models for their seven children. May they both enjoy their eternal reward -- heaven, from daughter Marguerite, $50

In memory of loved ones, from Priscilla and Arthur Awley, $50

Merry Christmas and happy new year, from Pete and Krista Bajor, $50

In loving memory of my parents, Vahan and Helen Hagopian, and all departed family and friends. May peace be with all this holiday season, from Carol Hagopian, $20

Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy new year to all, from David and Beverly Hasty, $25

In memory of our loved ones, from Dick and Carol, $100

In loving memory of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Champion, from Bob, $50

In memory of Eddie Tompkins, from Jim and Elaine Ellis, $100

Today’s total = $2,040

Grand total = $27,534