The following are today’s contributions to The Eagle-Tribune Santa Fund. To make a contribution online visit

Merry Christmas and happy new year. In memory of all my departed friends, family and pets. Love, Darrell $200

Merry Christmas, from Sarah Goldberg $100

Merry Christmas, from the Rostoskys $25

Merry Christmas to all, from David B. Cox $100

Merry Christmas, from Mr. and Mrs. J. Hetherington $100

For TLB $100

From Barbara Fogg $50

From Allen and Phylis Eastman $50

In loving memory of my wife, Phyllis, from John $25

In loving memory of my mom and dad, John and Ann Piazza, my four sisters, Kathleen, Pat, Veronica and Rita. Love, daughter and sister Joann $100

From Priscilla and Dick Bartle $100

In loving memory of Nancy Haggerty Varnum, from Thomas Varnum $100

From Marsha Miller $75

In memory of our loved ones, from Nancy and Ramon Moore $25

In loving memory of our wonderful "PaPa,” John McGravey, from Alexander and Bennet $50

Today’s total: $1,200

Grand total: $11,470

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