METHUEN — City Council Chairwoman Jennifer Kannan, also a candidate for mayor, will be available to step into Mayor James Jajuga's role at the end of next week while he's on vacation.

Kannan's fellow councilors chose her to be acting mayor — a role required by Methuen's charter — at a special meeting Thursday night. The vote, however, was not unanimous.

Councilors Jessica Finocchiaro, Ryan Hamilton and Eunice Ziegler voted against Kannan. They did not make any nominations of their own, however.

City charter requires the council to name an acting mayor at its organizational meeting, which in this case was Jan. 2, 2018. But that did not happen.

The acting mayor has all powers that come with the position except for making permanent appointments or removals. The charter only requires the acting mayor to step in on the fourth  business day of the mayor's absence.

Councilors received an email from Jajuga's office early this week informing them of his planned vacation, which will have him away from City Hall from July 15 to July 19.

Kannan will be available for any pressing mayoral decisions that need to be made on July 18 and 19.

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