LAWRENCE — City councilor Jeovanny Rodriguez said residents are complaining to him about noise from parties and gatherings despite a stay-at-home advisory and the need to socially distance to combat the COVID-19 coronavirus. 

For this reason, city councilors are expected to discuss a "curfew ordinance" at a special meeting Tuesday night. 

"People believe the coronavirus will not get to them," Rodriguez said.

As of Sunday night, however, 1,531 positive COVID-19 cases and 63 related deaths were reported in the city. Those are some of the highest numbers in the state, he said. 

"This is an emergency," he stressed. "This is a pandemic."

Rodriguez said he heard "from at least 10 different people who said they couldn't sleep Saturday night" due to noise from gatherings, parties and celebrations at various homes. 

Due to the density and population of the city, Rodriguez believes the gatherings need to stop. He pointed to recent restrictions enacted by officials in Boston and Lynn.  

The Boston Public Health Commission previously issued a Public Health Advisory for everyone in that city except essential workers to stay home from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily. 

"This advisory will address unnecessary trips to businesses, restaurants, and other locations, and is intended to encourage people to stay inside their homes at night," according to information posted on the Boston website. 

"Residents are encouraged to utilize delivery services as much as possible after 9 p.m.," according to the website. 

Also earlier this month, officials in Lynn issued a stay-at-home order for people from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily "unless they are actively providing or receiving COVID-19 Essential Services as defined by the Governor’s March 23, 2020 Order, as extended," according to the Lynn city website. 

Non-essential gatherings of any size for any reason were banned, including parties, celebrations or other social events, according to the order. 

"Any concentration of individuals outside their home must be limited to workers providing essential services or individuals who are undertaking essential tasks, such as picking up pharmaceutical drugs, grocery shopping, or visiting a physician."

Also, sick people should not leave their home unless to receive medical care, Lynn officials advised. 

The Lawrence City Council meeting, which will be held virtually, is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. Tuesday. 

Follow staff reporter Jill Harmacinski on Twitter @EagleTribJill. 

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