LAWRENCE — A local man was held without bail after being arrested for stabbing his cousin in the neck with a steak knife then carjacking a cab driver during Monday night's snowstorm, police said. 

Javier Feliz, 20, was wearing a GPS monitoring bracelet due to a previous criminal arrest, which helped police find him after the stabbing at a Bromfield Street home and carjacking later of a Liberty Taxi driver, police said. 

A group of cab drivers assisted police, holding Feliz down in the 200 block of Hampshire Street until officers arrived and arrested him Monday night. 

Feliz is charged with armed assault to murder, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and carjacking, according to police.

He was held without bail after his arraignment Tuesday in Lawrence District Court. He is due back in court next week for a detention hearing, according to documents.  

The stabbing occurred around 5:40 p.m. Monday when Feliz's cousin went to his mother's Bromfield Street home to drop off some groceries.

As the man was handing over the groceries, Feliz jumped forward and stabbed the man in the neck without provocation, police said. 

Officers arrived to find Feliz's mother applying pressure to the wound on the victim's neck, and a silver steak knife on the floor. Officers were told Feliz had been on house arrest there, was wearing a GPS monitor on his ankle and "had been having some kind of mental health issue," according to the police report. 

The victim later told officers, "I went by my aunts house to drop off some meat. She was giving me some food. I was just standing at the door and saw my cousin Javier. I put my hand out to shake his hand and he stabbed me in the neck."

While on Bromfield Street, officers heard over the radio of a carjacking in the area of Amesbury and White streets. 

Detectives Charles Saindon and Angel Lopez checked with probation officers, who monitor GPS bracelets, to try to pinpoint Feliz's location. They were canvassing the Alder and Basswood street area when dispatch put out call about a "male with a knife" near a pizza shop in the 200 block of Hampshire Street. 

Numerous officers responded and found a group of Liberty Taxi drivers holding down Feliz, according to a report. 

A taxi driver soon after told police that Feliz was in his cab and inquired about how much it would cost to get to New York and Boston. The driver said Feliz made him "very nervous" because he kept his hands in his pockets. 

Feliz told the cab driver that he was going to drive. The cabbie stopped on White Street and exited the car. But instead of getting into the passenger seat next to Feliz, he "ran for his life away" and reported his taxi stolen to his dispatcher, according to the report. 

Another taxi driver soon picked him up on Amesbury Street and he was able to radio to other drivers working that his taxi was "stolen at gunpoint." He also went to the Police Department and reported his cab stolen.

The stolen cab was soon spotted by another Liberty Taxi driver near the intersections of Hampshire and Tremont streets. Feliz abandoned the cab, according to police, and tried to jump in another nearby. Police said he then attempted to run from the area. However, "numerous other Liberty Taxi drivers" were able to catch up to Feliz and "pin him" against the wall of a business nearby.

Feliz was immediately placed under arrest by Lawrence police, according to the report. 

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