Methuen fire truck damaged responding to Burger King alarm

Courtesy photo. The door of a storage compartment on one of the city's fire engines was damaged and removed after an accident at Burger King on Pleasant Valley Street Wednesday night.

METHUEN — As Homer Simpson would say: "Doh!"

It was one of those moments Wednesday night at Burger King when a fire truck was damaged as it entered the Pleasant Valley Street side of the parking lot, scraping one of the steel pillars that holds up the sign for the fast-food eatery.

Fire Chief Tim Sheehy said the driver took the turn too tight, hitting the post, which is actually an I-beam, and damaging a rear compartment door and putting scrapes down the side of the vehicle.

He blamed it on driver error.

"Accidents happen," he said, noting that one of the department's brand-new ambulances was totaled when it was hit by another vehicle in an ice storm last year. 


At around 8 p.m., the restaurant's fire alarm rang, bringing a one-alarm response to the 95 Pleasant Valley St. address.

A box alarm is comparable to a one-alarm fire, Sheehy said, meaning six vehicles respond, including two engines, a ladder truck, an ambulance, a rescue truck and the deputy chief's vehicle.

He said he wasn't sure what set off the alarm but suggested it might have been smoke from the kitchen.

The truck that hit the sign, known as E-One, is 15 years old and is at a local dealership where the damage is being assessed.

He noted that due to the age of the truck, the rear cabinet door will have to be custom-made.

The door and a cap for a spare air tank compartment were both removed.

Sheehy said the vehicle is out of commission and that a spare truck is in service to replace it.


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