LAWRENCE — A 16-year-old boy with a lengthy criminal record who "can best be described as the most prolific car thief in the city of Lawrence" was arrested after he rammed a police cruiser with a stolen car, evaded officers and had to be shot with a Taser gun, according to a police report. 

The teen was shot in the face earlier last week but was uncooperative with police and "lied about the circumstances to detectives," according to the report. 

Detectives said the teen, of Myrtle Street, has been arrested multiple times previously on stolen car charges. 

However, he "continues to be released only to wreak more havoc on the residents of Lawrence and continue his criminal ways," according to a report by Detective Charles Saindon. 

"Aside from his propensity for auto theft he is also involved in gang activity and seems to be ever evolving into a sophisticated, dangerous criminal," Saindon wrote. 

The teen was wearing a GPS monitoring bracelet when police pursued him in a stolen 2015 Toyota Camry and arrested him early Friday afternoon, police said.

Detectives had been on the lookout for the blue Camry, which was reported stolen by an Exchange Street resident early last Wednesday morning.

The following day, Detective Angel Lopez reported seeing the car in the Lawrence and Myrtle streets area.

On Friday at noon, Lopez, who was working a construction detail, spotted the car at Union and Garden streets, with the teen at the wheel and a female passenger next to him, according to Saindon's report. 

Lopez called Saindon and told him he'd see the stolen car and the teen. Saindon threw on the blue lights in his unmarked cruiser and spotted the car on East Haverhill Street, he said. 

Other marked units also jumped into the pursuit. "I followed the vehicle from a distance calling off each change of direction and street," Saindon wrote. 

Saindon said he clearly saw the face of the teen "behind the wheel operating a the stolen motor vehicle." 

The teen, seeing marked police cruisers, accelerated, struck a police cruiser and then took off, Saindon wrote. 

The driver eventually lost control and struck a telephone pole. At gunpoint, police ordered the teen to get out of the car. 

"All the sudden we heard the engine begin revving and could tell (the teen) was trying to evade capture," Saindon wrote. 

The teen accelerated in reverse, breaking a wooden fence and landing on top of some evergreen shrubs, he said. 

A police officer used a Taser gun and shot the teen in the chest, temporarily distracting him "allowing us to pull him to the ground and secure him in handcuffs." 

An officer also took the female passenger, age 19, into custody, he said. 

Lawrence police notified a worker with the state's Department of Youth Services who took the teen boy into custody. He faces arraignment in juvenile court which is closed to the public and press. 

According to police, the teen was arrested and charged with the following offenses: Receiving a stolen motor vehicle, failure to stop for a police officer, reckless operation of a motor vehicle, attaching plates, three counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, three counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, malicious damage over $1,200, resisting arrest and unlicensed operation. 

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