Six years later, Andover double murder remains unsolved

FILE PHOTO Geraldine and John Magee.

ANDOVER — It's been six years since John and Geraldine Magee's daughter and grandchildren found the couple dead — shot in the neck execution style and placed head-to-head on the floor of their mansion at 7 Orchard Crossing.

And still, police investigators have no suspects, no motive and no leads.

The investigation has found that Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2011, was a routine day for John and Geri Magee, according to a press release issued Thursday by Andover police and the Essex County district attorney. John had visited a construction site in Reading, where his company, Magee Construction, was building some homes. The younger John Magee had been in the Magee Construction office located in the basement of his parents’ home until 4:30 that afternoon. Geri had spoken with her daughter Holly about watching the grandchildren the next day while Holly did some Christmas shopping.

Holly was bringing the children to her mother’s home on the morning of Wednesday, Dec. 14 when she discovered them dead.

According to media accounts at the time, no bullet casings were found. The bullets had gone through the floor and into the basement.

Friends and acquaintances interviewed by various media outlets at the time said the Magees were friendly, happy and wealthy. They had the home in Andover as well as one in Florida. 

Then-Police Chief Brian Patullo and Essex County District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett held a press conference to assure Andover residents that the public at large had no cause for concern, as the shooting was a targeted, isolated act against the Magees.

Oddly, their Lexus SUV had been discovered the night before in Boston's North End, and it was on fire. 

Lurid headlines described the shooting as a "mob hit," although no evidence has ever been put forth that "the mob," or an organized crime syndicate, had anything to do with the double-shooting.

On Wednesday, Blodgett and current Andover police Chief Patrick Keefe called on anyone with information related to the murder of beloved couple to please come forward.

“Again, we are seeking to reassure the people of Andover and the friends and family of John and Geraldine Magee that the Essex district attorney's office and the Andover police are actively investigating this horrific crime,” Blodgett said. “It is our belief that someone knows something that could help us solve the case and bring justice and peace of mind to the Magee family and the residents of Andover.”

The Essex district attorney's office is leading the investigation together with Massachusetts State Police detectives assigned to that office and Andover Police detectives. The investigation has involved exhaustive interviews of family, friends, neighbors in Andover and Jupiter, Florida, and business associates. Financial records, computers, homes, and motor vehicles have all been extensively searched and examined.

Investigators have followed leads to four states and 20 cities and towns in the Greater Boston area. Massachusetts State Police Crime Scene Services, Ballistics, Violent Fugitive Apprehension Unit, and Special Services, local police departments in Worcester, Boston, Hampton, New Hampshire and Jupiter, Florida, as well as the FBI, ATF and Homeland Security have provided assistance.

Chief Keefe added: “Every member of the Andover Police Department remains committed to finding the person or persons responsible for taking the lives of John and Geraldine Magee. We are asking people to search their memories and consciences and come forward with any information that they may have.”

Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact the Massachusetts State Police Detectives assigned to the district attorney’s office at 978-745-8908 or the Andover Police Anonymous Tip Line at 978-470-3864.


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