NORTH ANDOVER – High school students are preparing to plant 342 trees across town Saturday as part of an effort to offset their paper use.

Participating students have been mentored by a group called Tree-Plenish, which intends to help build sustainable communities through youth engagement. A total of 85 other schools are similarly involved.

With the help of Tree-Plenish, students calculate their school’s paper usage. And in order to get a corresponding number of trees in the ground, students rely on residents of the community to request plantings in their yards. Donations could also be made to a local farm or public school.

North Andover students' goal of 245 trees was surpassed after an impressive response.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, members of Tree-Plenish say they have created specific guidelines to protect both the residents of the community as well as volunteers who will show up to plant.

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