LAWRENCE — An 11-year-old died after a two-car crash near the corner of Parker and Andover streets Saturday evening, according to Essex District Attorney's Office spokesperson Carrie Kimball. 

She said a suspect is in custody, but did not elaborate on the charges.

Details about those involved in the crash were not released as of press time.

Neighbor Diane George said she heard a skid and a crash around 6 p.m. She went outside and saw two girls lying in the street near two heavily damaged cars in front of Happy Time Laundromat on Parker Street in Lawrence.

"I called 911 and told them I need everything — I need an ambulance, cops, everything,"  George said.

Two of her neighbors were helping the girls, and one man walked over to a smoking car to get the passenger out, George said.

"This place is dangerous around here," George said. She said people typically "fly" around the corner.

The two cars at the scene — a black Honda Civic and a white G37X Infinity — appeared to be totaled.

George said there was a family of four in the Honda and a couple in the Infinity.

"I haven’t seen a crash this bad," George said.

She’s been living in a house near the intersection for about a year and a half and has seen smaller accidents.

City and Massachusetts State police and the Essex District Attorney's Office are investigating.

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