LAWRENCE - After a double murder and separate double shooting in the past week, city officials will now make emergency inspections in any building where a violent crime occurs.

"We want to make properties inhospitable to this type of violence," said Mayor Daniel Rivera.

Code enforcement and fire department inspectors are expected to visit a 30-unit building at 2 Inman St. today, where two men were shot to death early Sunday.

Police have identified the two men, who appear to be in their late 20s or early 30s. But their names have yet to be publicly released as their family members had still not been notified of their deaths yesterday, said Carrie Kimball-Monahan, spokeswoman for District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett.

Little detail has been released on the murders, which occurred just after midnight Sunday. One man was found shot to death in the kitchen and another in a hallway. No one has been charged in connection with the murders.

Early last Thursday morning, a shooting occurred in an apartment at 50 1/2 Common St. Two men were wound and one victim, Leni Omar Romero-Tejeda, 30, of 176 Bailey St., Lawrence, was arrested and charged on numerous illegal firearms charges.

Armed with a search warrant, investigators found a loaded 9 mm pistol in the kitchen of a third-floor apartment at 50 1/2 Common St. Two spent cartridges two live rounds were also found nearby in a kitchen cabinet, according to police reports.

Detectives also seized a digital scale, a box of sandwich bags, a can of acetone and two bottles of inositol - items which drug dealers use to package their illegal product - from the apartment.

Rivera said 50 1/2 Common St. will also be subject to an inspection.

"After a shooting or any other violence, we'll be sending inspectors to do a full review of the property," Rivera said.

The inspectors will be looking for anything from proper covers on electrical outlets to overcrowding in apartments, he said.

"Any violations - whether large or small," he said.

The inspections serve as a warning for building owners to have an active role in the management and maintenance of their property.

"We want them to be on top of things, so that these types of things don't happen," Rivera said.

In an interview earlier this week, a resident at 2 Inman St. said some of the locks on doors leading into the apartment building were broken and left unfixed recently. He, along with others interviewed, were not aware of who was living in unit 11, where the murders occurred.

Police seized two handguns, believed to be a Ruger and a Glock, from the apartment after the shooting. Several cars were also towed from the area following the murders.

Once 50 1/2 Common St. and 2 Inman St. are inspected, Rivera said city reports on both properties and any violations found would be compiled in public reports.

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