Baby hawk rescued in Pelham

Courtesy of the Pelham Police Department. Animal Control Officer Allison Caprigno holds the injured hawk she rescued in Pelham.

PELHAM — A man called Animal Control Officer Allison Caprigno Wednesday morning to report a bird that wasn’t moving in his yard.

When she got there she found it was a baby hawk.

“I put on my gloves and looked for fractures or anything noticeable. But couldn’t find anything.” Caprigno said.

Caprigno brought the injured hawk to On The Wing bird rehabilitation center in Epping. Jane Kelly is the woman who runs the rehabilitation center out of her home.

Caprigno said that she typically brings injured birds to Kelly.

“Jane (Kelly) is amazing, she’s the best, and she runs the program with no (financial) help from the state or (local) police,” Caprigno said.

Kelly also teaches local animal control officers, like Caprigno, what to do and look for when there are injured birds in their towns.

“It’s pretty common for (calls about) smaller birds, not hawks,” said Caprigno. She's usually called out for injured cardinals, blue jays and owls. 

If a person comes across an injured bird “they should contact animal control” or New Hampshire Fish and Game, according to Caprigno.

“They should not be trying to do things themselves,” she said.

To contact animal control call the police department’s non-emergency number at 603-635-2411.

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