SALEM, N.H. — The staff at Barron Elementary hit the road Tuesday to see homebound students and their parents, who have transformed into makeshift teachers amid the new coronavirus outbreak.

Thirty-five Barron employees rolled down the windows of 31 cars while they slowly weaved through neighborhood streets in a convoy. 

Barron’s therapy dog, a golden retriever named Hadley, claimed one of the shotgun seats while her owner and others yelled words of encouragement.

Students reciprocated from their driveways by holding handmade signs that express love and longing for the familiar faces of their educators.

"We miss you," a third-grader declared with a handheld sign.

Another colorful greeting read, "Hi teachers!!"

“Seeing all the kids and families, alumni too, was such a lift for everyone,” said guidance counselor Susan Perrault. “What also got to me was the amount of elderly people who opened up their doors or waved from their windows.”

The idea stemmed from another school district's social media posts about a similar teacher convoy. Depending how long students are forced to learn remotely, Perrault said another trip isn't out of the question. 

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