Birdsell to run for fourth term

Republican state Sen. Regina Birdsell has signed up to run for another term in District 19, that includes Derry, Hampstead and Windham.

HAMPSTEAD — State Sen. Regina Birdsell, R-Hampstead, announced she is seeking another term as District 19’s state senator.

District 19 includes the towns of Derry, Hampstead and Windham.

“Today I am making it official, I’m running for a fourth term as District 19’s voice in Concord,“ Birdsell said in a statement. “As your senator, I’ve consistently fought for balanced budgets, jobs and economic development, the completion of our district’s transportation projects, the 2nd Amendment, and I’ll continue to oppose new taxes and fees.”

In her statement, Birdsell said she brings a combination of public, private and military expertise to the legislature. She is a 10-year veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, which led to a career in the defense industry and later on as a high-tech recruiter. Prior to serving in the Senate, Birdsell served two terms in the New Hampshire House of Representatives (2010-2014).

“For the last two years we’ve witnessed what a Democrat majority in Concord looks like,” Birdsell continued. “Democrats have proposed different variations of sales & income taxes, licenses for illegal immigrants, attempts to infringe on your 2nd Amendment rights, wide open election laws, more regulations on small businesses, and they’ve taken extreme positions on abortion. Democrats’ idea of government is completely out of touch with the everyday citizens of New Hampshire."

Birdsell added between fiscal responsibilities and the coronavirus, there is a lot of work to do.

“We need Republicans to lead the charge in returning fiscal sanity to Concord," she added. "The pandemic is creating massive gaps in our state’s revenue streams and we can expect Democrats to increase taxes in order to fund their spending sprees. I won’t allow this to happen. I am committed to winning my reelection campaign and taking back a Republican majority in the Senate. I look forward to campaigning in the district and earning my constituents’ support once again.”

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