PELHAM — For two years, Diane Chubb interviewed residents who helped make the town what it is today. 

The information was compiled into "Legendary Locals of Pelham," a compilation of biographies of past and present prominent Pelham residents. 

"I've always been interested in the history of the town," Chubb said.

The book features more than 100 biographies. There are well-known and under-appreciated stories in the book. There is the story of Richard Mansfield who was the fire chief for 36 years and served the department for a total of 50 years. He retired in 1977 and died in 1994. 

Mansfield, a part-time employee, used to whisk volunteer firefighters to emergencies using his car, almost never getting paid for gas. 

There is the story of Christopher and Kristen Mader, who spearheaded the construction of a 100-by-50-foot ice rink in 2009, known as the Pelham Ice Garden. 

Chubb is an intellectual property attorney and vice president of the Pelham Historical Society. She moved to Pelham in 2005. 

"The founding families have done a lot in the town," she said. "I am surprised how many of the recent arrivals have contributed to the growth in the town and community." 

Chubb recalled the story of Russ Leonard, who bought a town school bus. He purchased a red bus, but disliked the color. He bought blue paint and had his children repaint it. But town officials disliked the blue paint, saying the bus should be yellow. Leonard returned to the paint store and his children painted it again, this time in yellow.

"I sat with him for two days," Chubb said, "most of the stories are not fit to print in a family publication, but they were awfully fun to listen to."

The book is broken down into 10 sections, including, "Governing A Town," which features a section about Philllip Currier, the town's moderator for 35 years. There is another section, "The Town's Talented Artists," features Jillian Fisher, who had her work shown at Carnegie Hall in 2013. 

Other sections include, "Pelham Is A Playful Town," and "Just Doing My Job in the Most Extraordinary Way." 

"Pelham still hangs on to a reputation as the site of former pig farms," Chubb said, "and I think those former pig farmers have done very well for themselves and it's very nice to share how they have grown the community." 

"Legendary Locals of Pelham" will be available Monday. Visit or call (888) 313-2665. The book costs $21.99. 

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