Community Caregivers return to Derry

 JULIE HUSS/Staff photoDerry Village Rotary Club members, from left, Rick Metts, Charlie Crompton and Steve Dente, work inside the new downtown Community Caregivers of Greater Derry space on West Broadway. The longtime nonprofit organization is returning to Derry. The organization helps the elderly and disabled remain independently in their homes through a volunteer network. Derry Rotarians are among a list of supporters that are helping Caregivers make a smooth move.

DERRY — It's a new space and new life for a longtime nonprofit returning back to Derry.

And the move includes a long list of community support that helped along the way.

Community Caregivers of Greater Derry has officially unveiled its new space in downtown Derry at 6 West Broadway.

The organization helping elderly and disabled people to remain independent in their homes made the move, coming back to its original roots after being located in Londonderry for several years.

The new space is the home of the former Children’s Metamorphosis Museum in the lower level of the 6 West Broadway space. The museum closed its doors in November 2008 and has been used in past years for other childcare businesses.

Through Caregivers’ strong volunteer network, people are offered support with cleaning, shopping, transportation and other services and tasks. Towns served in addition to Derry are Londonderry, Chester, Sandown, Danville, Windham and Hampstead.

The organization supports the elderly and disabled through its Volunteer Care-Giving Program, the Loaner’s Closet for Durable Medical Equipment and Project Upkeep.

Caregivers' Executive Director Cindee Tanuma offered a tour of the new space recently, showing off the 4,100-square-foot spot that will offer ample space for staff offices, volunteer work, and other Caregivers' work, including a new 900-square-foot space for the Loaner's Closet mission where wheelchairs, walkers, and other medical equipment are available for people to use.

"And we have room to grow," Tanuma said.

Community Caregivers got its start in 1988, formed by a group of citizens seeing a need among elder/disabled residents in Derry and the surrounding community.

The organization was named top nonprofit in 2019 by the Greater Derry Londonderry Chamber of Commerce.

Many donations and hands were involved to help make the new space Caregivers' home.

That included support from members of the Derry Village Rotary Club, Londonderry Rotarians, and many other businesses, individuals and organizations.

Derry Village Rotary Club member Rick Metts spent time recently with fellow Rotarians painting and doing other work to get the new Caregivers space ready.

"Derry is my home," Metts said. "It's just what I've always done, to give back to the community."

Rotarian Charlie Crompton said it's fitting for one service organization like the Rotary to give back to another.

"To help them do things they need to do," he said. "We've always supported these folks and have contributed a lot over the years."

All help getting into the new space was greatly appreciated, from monetary help to help with packing, painting, building, and decorating, Tanuma said, and supporters and donors will be recognized in many ways, including personalized fence posts honoring supporters planned for the parking lot along with a tribute wall to be unveiled at the new space.

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