SALEM, N.H. — Puppy sitting is a new type of business coming to town.

In the past three months, the Planning Board has granted change of use permits for two stores to become puppy day cares.

“At my age, I’d rather be doing something I’m passionate about,” said William Fagan, owner of Wolf Pack Canine at 364 South Broadway.

His new business would be a place where dog owners can board their pets for the day, or longer, and have them trained. Fagan said he hopes to add grooming and other dog-related services so that owners will have a single place to meet their needs.

Wolf Pack Canine is the second doggy day care plan to go before the Planning Board in the past few months. In April, the board granted conditional site plan approval for Puppy Paradise at 484 South Broadway, about a half mile south of Wolf Pack Canine. The board conditionally approved Fagan’s business Tuesday night.

The puppy day care owners have been asked how they would control sound, smell and pet waste.

“Outside for fresh air only, dogs will be encouraged to use the restroom inside,” said designer Patrick Bower. He explained that if a dog has an “accident outside” in the gated area for outdoor play, it would be promptly cleaned up.

“They’re animals, it’s not an accident if it's outside, you might want to change their wording,” joked board Chair Keith Belair.

Puppy Paradise will have a similar system of disposing of animal waste. Both would have businesses taking away the waste.

Puppy Paradise received approval to board up to 10 dogs overnight and 30 dogs during the day. Wolf Pack Canine would be larger, hosting a maximum of 35 dogs overnight and 55 dogs during the day.

These are the first two doggy day cares proposed in the commercial district since the planning regulations changed a few years ago to only allow them in commercial areas, Planning Director Ross Moldoff said.

“And these are the first two, sometimes things like this come in cycles,” Moldoff said.

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