Facebook post prompts cleanup of Plaistow Town Forest 

A helpful citizen picked up an abandoned bean bag chair that had been dumped at the Plaistow Town Forest Sunday. Courtesy photo.

PLAISTOW — With an hour to kill and an empty truck bed, one person's trash became another woman's treasure. 

Darcie Bays of Newcastle was prompted to take action recently after seeing a Facebook post about a large gray bean bag chair that was dumped at the Plaistow Town Forest. The 400-acre forest features several trails that are next to the Atkinson and Hampstead trail system.  

When she got there, Bays said the bean bag chair filled her entire truck bed and sat nearly even with the roof.  

Bays said she picked up the chair in hopes someone in the community would be willing to put it out at the end of their driveway for trash day. According to Bays, Greg Cochrane ended up being her saving grace.  

Plaistow Conservation Commission Chair Jill Senter said although there have been a few incidences of trash being dumped at the forest, the maintenance department handles it.

Senter said although trash is a problem, it's not a major or ongoing one.  

"We do our best, but it's a public place and unfortunately some people are disrespectful," Senter said, who mentioned the reason why people dump items there is beyond her.

Marie Sapienza of Newton uses the forest every other week to take photographs of wildlife and to enjoy the scenery while getting some exercise. 

Sapienza said she wonders why no one has put up a trail cam to catch litterers, noting that most of the trash seen is in the parking lot rather than the trails. 

Although Sapienza said trash doesn't impact the inside of the woods, "It does kind of color the reputation of the town forest." 

Both Senter and Bays mentioned the efforts of Boy Scout troops who often clean the trails. 

Although Bays was unaware of the town forest before now, she is looking forward to exploring it with her family.




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