SALEM, N.H. — Firefighters discovered dangerous levels of carbon monoxide at the Icenter Friday afternoon while responding to an unrelated medical call, according to fire Chief Larry Best.

Best said portable carbon monoxide detectors attached to firefighters’ gear alerted them of the issue when they walked into the building. Readings were at 100 parts per million, twice the amount considered safe.

Exposure to that level for an hour or more often leads to headache, dizziness, weakness and more.

There were approximately 250 people at the Icenter but none reported feeling any symptoms.

“It took a little while to determine what was causing those levels,” the chief said. “It was discovered that a Zamboni was not operating properly and causing carbon monoxide to build up.”

Only half of the building was impacted, he said. A total of 100 players with 150 spectators and coaches were able to relocate inside instead of going outside in the heavy snowfall.

Firefighters spent three hours ventilating the space before carbon monoxide readings came back completely clean, Best said. Crews will have a presence at the ice rink through the weekend as a precaution.

Salem’s building inspector will follow up Monday to find out why detectors installed at the Icenter were not sounding when first responders arrived, according to the chief.

He said the situation could have been worse if the source was not discovered when it was.

Reminders are often issued this time of year to make sure all fire and carbon monoxide detectors in homes are working properly.

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