Candidates for state Representative filed to run for office ahead of the Sept. 8 New Hampshire primary. There are contested Republican primaries in Derry, Londonderry, Pelham, Salem and Windham.

Each incumbent is marked with an asterisk.

Atkinson and Plaistow — District 14

There are four seats for this district. Neither primary is contested.

Democrats: Nancy Bishop, Kate Delfino and Kay Galloway.

Republicans: Debra L. DeSimone,* Robert D. Harb,* Norman L. Major* and Peter E. Torosian.* 

Danville — District 12

There is one seat for Danville. Neither primary is contested.

Democrat: Diana West.

Republican: Scott Wallace.*

Derry — District 6

There are 10 representatives for Derry. The Republican primary is contested with 14 candidates. State Reps. Brian K. Chirichiello, R-Derry, John T. O'Connor, R-Derry, and James C. Webb, R-Derry, are not seeking reelection. 

Democrats: Paul Doolittle, Mary A. Eisner,* Michelle Sawyer Moge, Erin Spencer, Mary Malia Till, Beatrice Vargas, Jonathan A.Z. West and Thomas C. Wood.

Republicans: Thomas Cardon, Anne Copp, Phyllis May Katsakiores,* Mary Ann Kimball, Lauren LaMarsh, Erica Layon, Lorraine M. Lindenberg, David C. Love,* David E. Milz,* Rebecca L. Nevin, Katherine Prudhomme O'Brien,* Stephen Pearson,* John Potucek* and Richard Tripp. 

Hampstead and Kingston — District 13

There are four seats for this district. Neither primary is contested.

Democrats: Jim LaValley and Laurie Warnock.

Republicans: Dennis E. Green,* Joe Guthrie,* David Welch* and Kenneth L. Weyler.* 

Hampstead — District 34

There is one seat for this district.

Democrat: Lisa DeMio.


Republican: Mark Pearson.*


Londonderry — District 5

There are seven representatives for Londonderry. The Republican primary has eight candidates and is contested.

Democrats: Ted Combes, Mack Leathurby, Luisa Piette, Paul Skudlarek, Robin Skudlarek, Martha Smith and Anne Warner.*

Republicans: Al Baldasaro,* Tom Dolan,* David C. Lundgren,* Wayne D. MacDonald, Betsy McKinney,* Sherman Packard,* Moira Ryan and Doug Thomas.*

Newton — District 15

There is one seat for this district.

Democrats: None.

Republican: Charles R. Melvin Sr.*

Pelham — Hillsborough County District 37

There are 10 seats for this district. The Republican primary is contested with 11 candidates. 

Democrats: Barbara A. Blue, Nancy S. Bruckner, Brett Gagnon, David Hennessey, Harold Lynde, Lana Paliy, Robert S. Sherman, Alejandro Urrutia and Timothy Wyatt.

Republicans: Louis F. Alciere, Bob Greene,* Alicia Lekas,* Tony Lekas,* Hershel Nunez,* Lynne Ober,* Russell Ober,* Andrew Prout,* Andrew Renzullo,* Kimberly Rice* and Jordan Ulery.*

Salem — District 8

There are nine representatives for Salem. The Republican primary is contested with 13 candidates. State Rep. and former Selectman Arthur Barnes, R-Salem, is not seeking reelection. State Rep. Ed DeClercq, R-Salem, is also not seeking reelection

Democrats: Greg Davis, Sara Dillingham, Cam Iannalfo, Claire Karibian, Sean Lewis, Donna Loranger, Jacqueline Mullo, Maureen G. Thibault and Bonnie Wright. 

Republicans: Daryl Abbas,* Dave Blake, Tanya Donnelly, Fred Doucette,* Bob Elliot,* Betty I. Gay,* John Janigan,* Joe Lessard, John J. Manning Jr., Everette P. McBride Jr.,* Joe Sweeny, John Sytek* and Susan Vandecasteele.

Windham — District 7 

There are four representatives for Windham. The Republican primary is contested with six candidates. State Rep. Joel M. Desilets, R-Windham, is not seeking reelection. 

Democrats: Henri Azibert, Valerie Roman, Ioana Singureanu and Kristi St. Laurent.

Republicans: Mary E. Griffin,* Walter Kolodzicj,* Bob Lynn, Charles E. McMahon,* Joe Plonski and Julius F. Soti.

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