Greater Salem's Chamber of Commerce's President Donna Morris talks about how the local organization is working with others in the state to help ensure businesses have access to resources to help them through the COVID-19 crisis.

The Salem Chamber consists of about 80% of small businesses and nonprofits, which are being particularly hurt at this time, she explained.

Small businesses are the ones "that give back to these nonprofits and give back to the community, we need to make sure we all get out of this," Morris said.

She's been working closely with the New Hampshire Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives to help smaller chambers across the state.

"Everybody has come out of the woodwork and we realized we should be sharing resources," said Wendy Hunt, president of the association.

Chambers are acting as boots on the ground to listen to businesses that are essential and have had had to adapt, and they have relayed information on resources to businesses who have been temporarily shut down, Hunt explained. The information is also being made available to anyone, she added.

"We are not going to exclude people because they aren't members, they all need it," Hunt said. "Previously we were about tourism and economic development. Our mission has changed to crisis mode and getting information out."