PLAISTOW — Timberlane School Board Member Donna Green resigned Thursday night following a tense special school board meeting held after the deliberative session.

Green, of Sandown, emailed School Board Chairman Brian Boyle, the board and Sandown Town Administrator Lynne Blaisdell after 11 p.m. Thursday evening announcing her immediate resignation. 

She resigned because the school board would not rescind the no-trespass order against Timberlane parent and school board candidate Maxann Dobson of Plaistow.

Green told The Eagle-Tribune that she was resigning, "to support Mrs. Dobson and make a statement. The issue of board cowardice must be brought to light."

On Feb. 3, Dobson received an email from the SAU 55 Resource Director Nancy Louiselle informing her that she is under investigation for allegedly threatening a student over social media a year ago and is not allowed on Timberlane property without approval of the superintendent until the investigation is over.

Many school board representatives were made aware of the investigation and the no-trespass order, as the information quickly became public and was heavily discussed on social media.

Boyle added the topic to the school board's agenda at the last minute, but at the meeting the attorney for the school board, James O'Shaughnessy, "strongly advised" the school board to not have a discussion about the topic in public session.

O'Shaughnessy advised that the school board to not publicly speak about a parent and/or a child that could potentially damage their reputation and suggested to legally enter a nonpublic session.

Green motioned to fire the attorney saying that he does not work in the interest of the school board.

However, Dobson, who was at the meeting, informed the board that she would not like the discussion to be held in public session.

The board decided not to speak about the topic publicly, and voted against entering a nonpublic session.

The meeting adjourned shortly after without further discussion of the topic.

Dobson said that she attended the meeting to make sure that nothing inappropriate was said. 

"I was just there to protect my daughter," said Dobson.

She added, "as far as Donna, I really appreciate her gesture.  Someone, at least, on the board has my back and knows that what's being done to me is wrong, and is going to resolve the elections issues while I'm still running. But my main concern is my daughter."

Green wrote in a press release announcing her resignation, "Maxann Dobson’s restricted access to Timberlane schools is part of a toxic pattern of character smears and political interference by the superintendent that the board refuses to address. ...I am resigning in support of Mrs. Dobson and will be a formidable critic of the Timberlane school board until they show the spine needed to protect the future of our district. Even if Dr. Metzler should lift the no trespass and close the so-called investigation tomorrow, the fact that the board refused to assert its authority in this situation is a disgrace and a warning for all good people to stay far away from Timberlane public office."

Metzler said that Green's departure is best for Sandown and the district as a whole.

"For me, I think this is just another example of Donna Green's anti-intellectual agenda and a cohort of obstructionists," said Metzler.  "When they don't get their way, they just quit and go home."

He said the turmoil she caused was bad for the district.

"Donna Green's inability to work with other people clearly is what brought her time on the board to closure," said Metzler. "Even when she has a good idea, she has a hard time working with people."

Metzler said that because there is only one candidate running to fill Green's open seat for the March election, Lee Dube, the board could potentially appoint Dube to sit on the board for the remainder of the meetings as well before the election.

Boyle could not be reached by press time to speak towards the actions of the board.