Identity of dead Londonderry woman released

A state police crime scene van sits near a Londonderry police cruiser at 118 West Road, in Londonderry, where Maureen Aguie's body was found.

LONDONDERRY — A 46-year-old Londonderry man was arrested Friday for allegedly strangling his wife to death at their home in April, state investigators said.

The New Hampshire Attorney General's Office said Friday afternoon that William Argie will face two alternative counts of second-degree murder, for knowingly causing the death of his wife by strangling and/or smothering her, and for recklessly causing her death.

Senior Assistant Attorney General Peter Hinckley said Argie was arrested on a warrant, but he would not provide any other details surrounding the arrest or the investigation leading up to it.

On April 4, Londonderry police were called to 118 West Road for a wellness check.

Few details were made public about the police investigation.

Within a day, officials identified the victim as Maureen Argie, 39.

William Argie is scheduled to be arraigned on the charges Monday in Rockingham Superior Court.