HAMPSTEAD — A Hampstead man has given up his right to own a gun for 10 years after admitting to firing rounds from the sunroof of his car while his teenage son sat in the passenger seat.

Alex Misael Silva Barrera was indicted on 13 counts of disorderly conduct earlier this year — one for each time he allegedly pulled the trigger —but pleaded guilty this week to only seven of them as part of a deal with prosecutors.

Barrera, 40, was sentenced to a maximum of six months in the House of Corrections, but will have to serve 11 more months if he’s not on good behavior for a decade. 

According to Judge Martin Honigberg’s order, Barrera must also undergo counseling, treatment and education programs, pay a $1,240 fine and prove 80 hours of community service by Aug. 24, 2022.

Court documents say that he can arrange to sell the gun he used to commit the crime within 60 days or Hampstead police will dispose of it as they see fit.

An arrest warrant written by Hampstead police Detective Adam Dyer said investigators were called to the area of 68 Central St. in March 2020 for two reported bursts of gunshots. Officers said they found a gold spent shell casing labeled “9mm Luger, G.F.L” in the road.

During another search of the area with metal detectors, police discovered three more shell casings about 200 yards from where the first was found, they said.

According to Dyer’s report, video surveillance footage from two homes and a nearby Xtra Mart convenience store was crucial in identifying a suspect.

After sharing the footage publicly, a lieutenant with the Danville Police Department called to say she recognized the man as someone who works at Casey’s Diner in Plaistow. She said she had seen him there, and also believed the logo on the front of the shirt he wore while on surveillance at the gas station was associated with the diner.

Dyer said he went to the diner Oct. 19 and spoke with Barrera. State business filings list Barrera as a manager there.

“During this interview, Barrera admitted to owning and operating the Dodge Durango. Barrera also admitted to owning a 9mm handgun which he currently possessed inside of his file cabinet in his office at Casey’s Diner,” Dyer said in his report.

Police say Barrera later admitted in a recorded interview at the police station that he fired the gun out of the sunroof of the car. He was not pointing at anything specific, he said, just straight up in the air.

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