Loud bang reported

Fire officials said they responded to the area of 54 Newton Road for a reported explosion about 4 a.m. Monday. They arrived to a small brush fire and are unaware what may have caused the loud bang.

PLAISTOW — Firefighters were called to a neighborhood about 4 a.m. Monday after a reported explosion woke many local people.

Fire officials said they arrived to the area of 54 Newton Road and saw a brush fire on the side of the road.

The fire was extinguished quickly, officials said, but they're unsure of what may have caused it or the loud noise that was reported.

Plaistow resident Joseph Pageau said from his house he heard something "louder than fireworks.'' His house is a mile away from where firefighters responded.

"I was awake in bed and heard the explosion," he said, "got up and looked out the window expecting to see a fire or something."

He estimated it was 10 minutes later when he saw flashing lights on a police cruiser and fire truck through the woods.

"I got in my truck and took a ride over expecting to see a house explosion," he said. "But there was nothing."

Other locals wondering if they were alone in hearing the single, loud bang took to social media for answers.

According to scanner reports, residents in Kingston and Newton also reported hearing the noise. 

Police were not immediately available to provide comment.

A complete report will appear in Tuesday's print edition of The Eagle-Tribune and online at eagletribune.com.


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