10 Chandler Dr Unit 10: Joseph A. and Gail A. Robertson to Carolyn Chazan, $205,000

15 Crystal Hill Rd: Maria K Vitas RET and Maria K. Vitas to James B. Clifford, $399,000

26 Snug Harbor Ext Unit 26: FNMA to Kenneth F. and Debra A. Caron, $131,266


Candia Rd Lot 50: Lifestyle Homes Of NH to Jante Madison, $276,000

110 Town Farm Rd: Francis R. and Catherine L. Lamy to Gregory A. and Elizabeth S. Liacos, $649,933

Wason Rd: Evelyn G. Wise to JMJ Properties LLC, $502,000


No Transactions in this Town


9 Anna Cir Unit 9: Sandra Lapointe to Nicole M. Bibeau and Gary M. Buchan, $265,000

13 Anna Cir Unit 13: Kenneth F. and Debra A. Caron to Amie J. Perault and William Sica, $259,000

5 Ballard Rd: Keith P. Dakin to Steven D. Loux and Courtney A. Hogan, $312,000

2 Bradford St: FNMA to Kevin Patoine, $165,000

2 Brandy Rock Rd: JRV Homes Inc to Marie E. Scaglione, $345,000

Buttonwood Dr: Joseph and Audie Craft to John P. Joyce and Shannon B. Meredith, $288,000

12 Cardinal Cir: Marek and Dorota Piechowiak to Ian Hcen and Jian W. Chen, $400,000

110 Chases Grove Rd: Raymond Black to Paul and Robinlee Lajoie, $16,000

7 Claremont Ave: Wesley V. Williamson and NHFA to NHFA, $171,000

2 Cross Rd: LP Street Enterprises LLC to John W. and Wendy O. Currie, $385,000

21 Drew Rd: Charles R. Pagno and Shirley H. Pagano to Christopher T. and Jennean M. Burke, $232,000

20 Eastgate Rd: David S. and Elisa J. Mercuro to Matthew D. and Amanda A. Green, $429,933

65 Fordway Ext Unit 3305: Carol Krakowski to Claire Hayes, $145,000

16 Fordway St: Najib N. Borouphael to Brooke Lynch, $198,000

6 Gaita Dr: Edward L. Carrigan to Sally E. Saba, $217,000

15 Gervaise Dr: Mcmullen RET and Timothy J. Mcmullen to Brian J. and Karen P. Estabrook, $331,533

26 Gulf Rd: Brian R. and Gloria A. Boucher to Christopher T. and Ruth M. Leavitt, $237,400

41 High St: Brendan Melendy and Jessica Blanchette to Daniel and Amanda Macinnis, $240,000

54 Hillside Ave: Ciji M. and Shawn M. Rough to Katherine M. and Adam F. Jenness, $165,000

9 Hunter Dr: John F. and Nancy C. Young to Paul H. and Kimberly M. Pouliot, $269,000

8 Lane Rd: John P. Anderson and Catherine W. Sherill to Reanne and David A. Lach, $305,000

5 Lesley Cir: Brad Williams and Wells Fargo Bank NA to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $213,750

2 Senter Cove Rd Unit L: Thomas J. Linzey to Tracy L. Corchado, $160,000

2 Silvestri Cir Unit 18: Brian J. Staubin to Zachary M. Balzich, $103,000

9 Skylark Dr: Susan B. and Matthew J. Sweeney to Luciano L. Cunha and Adriana H. Lima, $375,000

64 Tsienneto Rd: Vernon J. and Claudette A. Kilby to Amie Avila, $185,000

N/a: Sarah Mccabe to Holly J. Juza and Mark M. Francis, $285,000

N/a: FNMA to Stephenie Dery and Dnaiel Ferrarini, $84,900


1 Birchwood Dr: Scott T. and Shanon K. White to Scott T. White and Erin M. Brodman, $326,266

19 Brighton Dr: Bruce E. and Maria Elliott to Abel and Jennifer Livingstone, $415,000

2 Ells Rd: Michael L. and Kristen L. Lang to Matthew and Susan B. Sweeney, $320,000

29 Forrest St Unit 29: Marie Mcdonough RET and Marie Mcdonough to Maureen A. Dadekian, $246,000

60 Geisser Rd: Gerald H. Whitemore to Todd F. and Patricia L. Mcdargh, $355,000

27 Granite Cir: George and Bonnie Macdonald to Lisa A. Tillson, $100,000

10 Nicole Cir: Gary M. Cedula and Carolyn D. Cebula to Jeremy Flynn and Amanda Boudreau, $367,533

41 Page Ln: Robert J. and Maureen E. Mcdermott to Jennifer L. Grant and Jason Hajjar, $345,000

184 Route 111: Consolidated Container Co to 184 Route 111 LLC, $1,000,000

260 Stage Rd: Ellen U Melligan RET and Ellen U. Melligan to Sweet Baby Vineyard LLC, $575,000

6 Summer St: Gorman Ware LT and Linda S. Ware to Gilbert J. and Debra L. Soucy, $280,000

20 Wentworth Ln: Ronald A. and Donna L. Perry to Alicia Perry and Theresa Didomenico, $350,000


9 Bragg Ave: Patrick F. Sullivan to Karen M. Vonallmen, $251,000

68 Brown Ave: Francis E. Provencher to Scott J. Granacki and Leo J. Cormier, $249,933

12 Cora Ave: Helen L. Birks and Paul A. Jamgotchian to Holley Ackerson, $287,533

23 Cusack Rd Unit 3: Kathleen M. and Michael G. Blais to William and Karen Young, $249,000

78 Dearborn Ave: Joseph J. and Kathleen Degeorge to David and Catherine Pinto, $310,000

48 Dumas Ave: Casa DeLaVista Properties to Timothy R. Spooner and Patricia L. Dubois-Spooner, $487,600

48 Dumas Ave: Casa DeLaVista Properties to Timothy R. Spooner and Patricia L. Dubois-Spooner, $487,600

7 Falcone Cir: Catherine and David Pinto to David B. Meinen, $430,000

12 G St Unit 53: Douglas and Deborah White to Jean Oneill, $110,000

80 Hemlock Hvn: Desmond FT and Donald I. Desmond to Joanne Rogers, $44,933

1 Hilda Dr: Ruth Mcmahon to Jennifer A. and Michael J. Cristiano, $350,000

2 Hilda Dr: Barry E. and Barbara A. Conway to Sprucewoods Retrirement T and Gary M. Dziama, $350,000

15 K St Unit 3: David N. and Jacqueline A. Vermette to Tanya E. Chavez, $347,533

819 Lafayette Rd Unit 2r: Jeanna D. Graham to Deborah L. Huffman, $141,533

79 Leavitt Rd: John A. Binette and NHFA to NHFA, $198,000

104 Mace Rd: Daniel and Jacqueline Pender to Dianne S. Guilmet, $369,933

54 Moulton Rd: Steven C. and Vicki T. Petalas to William T. and Margaret M. Mccurdy, $399,933

275 Ocean Blvd Unit 201: Surf Condominium&Retail to Stephen A. and Jacqueline P. Johnson, $399,933

275 Ocean Blvd Unit 203: Surf Condominium&Retail to Mario A. and Karen A. Vigliani, $239,933

275 Ocean Blvd Unit 206: Surf Condominium&Retail to Lisa M. Anderson-Bisson, $239,866

275 Ocean Blvd Unit 207: Surf Condominium&Retail to Joseph P. and Candice F. Carlson, $239,933

275 Ocean Blvd Unit 302: Surf Condominium&Retail to Frank and Diane Contardo, $250,000

275 Ocean Blvd Unit 303: Surf Condominium&Retail to Gerald and Maureen Gendron, $249,933

275 Ocean Blvd Unit 304: Surf Condominium&Retail to Shahina A. Desai and Ayaz Shaikha, $249,933

275 Ocean Blvd Unit 307: Surf Condominium&Retail to Thomas J. and Timothy P. Carroll, $259,933

275 Ocean Blvd Unit 308: Surf Condominium&Retail to David M. and Linda A. Blanco, $259,933

275 Ocean Blvd Unit 309: Surf Condominium&Retail to Jacqueline A. Abraham, $425,000

507 Ocean Blvd Unit 8: Craig B. and Linda S. Perl to James F. and Linda J. Quinn, $440,000

7 P St: Hampton Hobo LLC to Jason J. Olenio, $525,000

14 Rings Ter: William L. and Gail G. Reid to Steven C. and Vicki T. Petalas, $693,533

4 Summerwood Dr Unit B: Colm Geraghty to Ralph H. Adam and S K. Anderson, $330,000

63 Walnut Ave: Robert P. and Nancy L. Bode to Ian J. and Kathleen M. Trowell, $380,000

7 Witch Island Way Unit 7: Holly Bauer to Richard Bauer, $70,933


14 Babscott Ln: Mary J Caruso RET and Sharon Courtemanche to Mary K. Rowe, $110,000

7 Ball Rd: Morris Pigeon to Elizabeth Bousquet, $246,533

10 Ball Rd: Richard M. and Amelia A. Rock to Joseph and Alyssa Premo, $409,000

13 Bartlett St: Eduardo L. and Samantha E. Cunha to Logan Moore, $213,000

1 Hemlock Rd: Maureen A. Dadekian to Eduardo L. and Samantha E. Cunha, $320,000

35 Mill Rd: Louis W George RET and Tracey Collinsworth to J Pandelena&Son LLC, $85,333

34 Nh Route 125: SPE Estate LLC to Fieldstone Meadow Realty, $135,000

48 New Boston Rd: Merurio FT and James P. Merurio to Lindsay Smith, $160,000


14 Anthony Dr: US Bank NA Tr to Donald L. and Andrea L. Bowne, $356,733

28 Anthony Dr: Donald L. and Andrea L. Bowne to Matthew C. Repeta and Susan Boet-Repeta, $335,000

34 Black Forest Cir Unit 34: Hickory Woods LLC to William E. and Elizabeth G. Lanningan, $424,333

6 Bretton Rd: Cedar Crest Development to John C. Mercer and Christine M. Mendonca, $435,533

12 Bunker Hill Dr: John R. and Laurie J. Donnelly to Travis W. and Berkeley H. Williams, $470,000

38 Burbank Rd: Kimberly Payson to Joseph C. Frasca and Stacy L. Franca, $370,000

Button Dr: Team Business Dev to SHI 2 Londonderry LLC, $600,000

1-a Commons Dr Unit 1: Burke FT and Scott Burke to Carpenter Local Union, $145,000

2 Crestview Cir Unit 81: Doug J. Briere to Michele L. Hayward, $134,000

8 Darrow Way: Brian and Karen Estabrook to Kenneth J. Aimone and Jennifer Murphy, $435,000

4 Evergreen Cir: Ryan and Victoria Gorman to Amanda Ducharme and Ryan Cox, $239,933

16 Fairway Rd: Matthew D. Green to James J. and Katherine A. Bacon, $327,933

193 Fieldstone Dr Unit 193: Charles L. and Gina M. Holland to Diane A. Tryanor, $149,000

8 Haywood Rd: Michael G. Kacos to Jacob L. and Jillian E. Saunders, $419,000

Hickory Woods Condo Unit 38: Hickory Woods LLC to Kilgore LT and Daniel J. Kilgore, $399,733

11 Horseshoe Ln: Katherine A. Bacon to Timothy M. Maher, $262,933

60 Hunter Mill Way: Brook Hollow Corp to Philip S. and Holly M. Boorda, $405,000

15 King Charles Dr: James C. Mccoy and Allison B. Nussbaum to Brian and Nora Portnoy, $365,000

7 Laurel Hill Rd: James R. and Brenda A. Desimone to Sean F. Latham, $310,000

39 Lawson Farm Rd: Russell W. and Evelyn T. Keller to Thomas R. and Meghan L. Evans, $333,533

57 Old Derry Rd: Van S. and Carol L. Mcclelland to John Correnti and Lauren E. Cotter, $229,933

15 Otterson Rd: Antonio and Rosella C. Butura to Gregory S. and Linda J. Leblanc, $369,933

1 Rolling Ridge Rd: Cahsman FT and Brian A. Cahsman to Nicholas D. and Dannie N. Monahan, $325,000

15 Ross Dr: USA HUD to James M. and Kimberly A. Haley, $242,000

23 Rossini Rd: Bruce L. and Nancy E. Dorner to Eric M. Collins and J L. Christenson-Collins, $376,933

3 Shasta Dr: Thomas R. and Meghan L. Evans to Steven J. and Cynthia A. Sirois, $258,333

36 South Rd: Alan J. Labranche and Nancy Lucci to Jordan R. Buartlett, $279,000

166 South Rd: Daniel M. Golan to Ashlee M. Cantin, $150,000

12 Sunflower Ln: Kelly E. Galan to Christopher B. and Linda J. Clifton, $350,000

10 Vista Ridge Dr Unit 1: Wayne T. Mackinnon to Julie Higgins, $111,000

10 Vista Ridge Dr Unit 13: Lisa A. Watson to John Kasaras, $139,000

10 Vista Ridge Dr Unit 19: Elanor Carfgna to Miosoti Jerez-Lara, $150,000

3 Willow Ln: Rickard and Kellie Morgan to Samuel P. Deptula and Allison E. Oconnor, $262,533

223 Winding Pond Rd Unit 223: Lawrence E. and Marguerite D. Martin to Joanne R Crocetti RET and Joanne R. Crocetti, $225,000

351 Winding Pond Rd Unit 351: Kalis Concord Investment to Kimberly Payson, $224,933

168 Winterwood Dr Unit 168: Denise A. Pope to Kristin P. Radford, $195,000

28 Woodside Dr: Richrad F. Balnoni and Patricia A. Balboni to Nasir M. Awan, $338,533


11 Amesbury Rd: Robert G. and Beckie L. Perlupo to Matthew P. Segee, $211,333

1 Bear Hill Rd: Shawn C. and Sarah E. Carlson to Michael J. Shanks and Scott C. Hayden, $200,000

14 Marcoux Rd: George G Hamor RET and George G. Hamor to Travis Tremblay, $175,000

S Main St: Peter and Angeline Kinnon to Robert J. and Kathleen A. Porter, $469,933

22 W Main St: Carolyn Chazan to Chester Butcher, $189,933


44 Beacon Hill Rd: Gilbert J. and Debra L. Soucy to David E. and Paula N. Arnone, $365,000

75 Burns Rd: David A. and Louise I. Freker to Kristopher R. Christian and Lindsay A. Chastney, $306,000

78 Deer Hill Cir: Robert H. Bell to Leo A. and Leah A. Ciulla, $478,000

91 Drummer Rd: DHB Homes LLC to KNP FT and Neal E. Patalno, $485,866

66 Dutton Rd Unit A: FNMA to David A. Seavey, $107,000

22 Ladyslipper Ave: DHB Homes LLC to Michael G. and Kristin L. Corey, $447,000

17 Misty Ln: Malcolm J. and Carol A. Hubbard to Lisa A. Matiash and Timothy S. Redding, $395,000

193 Sherburne Rd: Leonard J Patrick T and Leonard J. Patrick to Scott M. Giguere, $242,533

17 Washington St: Janet R. Daigle to Christopher M. Bacon and Kathleenm Wood, $268,000


5 Center Cir: Sara Walsh to Mary B. Winglass, $257,000

128 Newton Rd Unit 20: Nicholas J. Marrone to David W. Rogers, $132,533

22 Westville Rd: Michell L. Rouleau to Darreck C. Reisinger and Elizabeth A. Kane, $230,000


34 Bluff St: Heather L. Newell to Matthew Hickey, $340,000

Braemoor Commons Condo Unit 208: 10 Braemer Woods LLC to Martin H. and Pamela A. Hietsch, $268,000

45 Brookwood Dr: Michael E. White to Nancy E. Lewis, $65,000

57 Caddy Dr: Shannon Lorraine A Est and Darlene Robinson to Sandra Beaudoin, $29,000

78 Caddy Dr: Anna N. Ezzideen to Karen A. King, $45,200

7 Cole St: Kimberly A. Consoli to Stephenia A. Sauve and Thoms Joyce, $252,000

19 Cornwell Ct: Manago LT and Giuseppe Manago to Osman and Aisye Cakir, $306,000

7 Dennison Ave: Kristen Marroncelli to Stephen P. Williams, $143,000

39 Greenhaven Rd: James A. Smith to Glennys Acosta and David Ramos, $400,000

98 Haverhill Rd: Cullen Marion F Est and Rhonda L. Lamphere to Robin R. Meservey, $179,933

72 Kachadorian Trailer Park: Debra J. Allen to Richard J. Jerome, $64,000

10 King St: Kevin Allen to Daryl Patey, $60,000

7 Oak Ave: Wayne Bernard to Siddartha Laurens, $250,000

18 Palomino Rd: Cash FT and Lesley A. Hobson to Jeffrey A. Smith, $278,000

28 Shore Dr: Steven Parlatore and Tar L. Partlatore to Mark A. and Amanda L. Dowgiert, $260,000

6 Tisdales Trailer Park: Gail Espinola to Louann Madrid, $92,000

3 Wildflower Ln: Wen-Tzung and Shu-Hai Huang to Richard S. Walukiewicz, $470,000


18 Alexis Ln: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr to Brett K. Morgan, $275,000

149 Hampstead Rd: EF Portfolio Properties to Chase A. and Savannah R. Barrus, $330,000

5 Kathryns Way: Sammartano LT and Gaetano Sammartano to Edwar F. Fraser, $285,000

1 Kenneth Rd: Mary B. Winglass to Corey A. and Lori A. Tess, $320,000

205 Main St: US Bank NA Tr to Susan L. Frye, $187,000

183 Odell Rd: D M. Rogers to Jesse A. Moody and Jessica N. Hart, $260,000

23 Phillips Rd: Shane M. Kulsic to Mark A. Emerson and Laexa J. Hynes, $319,933


21 Folly Mill Ter Unit 1c: Diane M. Harper to Gresek RT and Daniel J. Gresek, $55,000

21 Folly Mill Ter Unit 2b: William J. and Diane A. Mckenna to Luis Velazquez, $82,533

15 Marshall Way: Rushbrook Real Est Invest to Andrew P. and Marjorie A. Noone, $416,933


4 Atlantic Rd: Gary N. and Catherine V. Wells to Phoebe and Margaret R. Oakes, $360,000

24 Blossom Rd: James F. Courville to Michael V. and Laura K. Deplacido, $430,000

10 Castle Hill Rd: Thomas and Lexie Gonzalez to Shawn and Laura Quaglietta, $450,000

15 Clarke Farm Rd: John A Haga RET and John A. Haga to Brian C. and Michelle A. Pirri, $574,000

9 Cobblestone Rd: John and Mary E. Salines to John W. and Erin E. Stewart, $505,000

53 E Nashua Rd: Maureen L. Hall to George R. and Heather A. Stark, $355,066

46 Flat Rock Rd: Tynco Realty LLC to 45 FR LLC, $181,600

15 Mallard Dr: H&B Homes Corp to James M. and Tracy E. Flynn, $560,000

4 Winslow Ln: Homes Of Winslow LLC to Thomas Gonzlez and Lexie Gonzalez, $738,400

28 Wynridge Rd Unit 28: Paula M. Torrisi to John R. and Maryellen Salines, $325,000