Pinkerton to go remote Nov. 30 through holidays

JULIE HUSS/Staff photoThe historic Alumni Building at Pinkerton Academy in Derry is brightly framed on a recent autumn morning. The school will move to an all remote learning model Nov. 30 through the holidays.

DERRY — Pinkerton Academy is joining other schools in the region, announcing the school will go to a fully remote learning model Nov. 30 through the school's scheduled holiday break.

In a statement Friday, Pinkerton Headmaster Timothy Powers announced the switch to remote learning from the current hybrid model that's been in place.

"From the start of the school year we have emphasized the need for flexibility as we navigate the ever-changing circumstances of the pandemic," Powers said in his statement. "With the increase of cases in our area combined with the upcoming holiday season, we have had to look critically at our situation and attempt to act proactively in order to minimize disruption to student learning.

Powers said that, along with difficulties in ensuring consistent staff coverage, led to the decision.

The school will move to remote learning Nov. 30 through the end of the scheduled holiday break. Powers said that during the week of Dec. 23, decisions will be made on whether the school will remain in remote learning or return to a hybrid model in January.

"We know this decision is not without consequence," Powers stated.

The headmaster said many students thrive in the remote learning model, while some may struggle. He said Pinkerton hopes to support all students and potentially have the campus open for students who may need to come for staff support during remote learning.

"We once again thank the community for their efforts in protecting the health of our campus," Powers said. "Our success in getting to this point in the school year is due to the extensive efforts of everyone. We ask that you continue to follow our protocols even as we move to remote learning so that we are in a good position to return to on-campus learning as soon as possible."

Londonderry school officials also reported earlier this week that all schools in the district would be moving to a remote model later this month through mid-January.

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