Police: Fired manager deleted FedEx files 

Jonathan Butt

LONDONDERRY — A Manchester, N.H., man fired from a company that provides software to FedEx in Londonderry is accused of deleting important files on his way out, causing problems for the massive local delivery effort.

A police log shows that Jonathan Butt, 37, was arrested Monday and charged with criminal mischief and three computer-related offenses.

An arrest warrant written by a Londonderry detective explains that the department was contacted earlier this year by Nihat Ertas, owner of ERT Logistics, Inc. According to Ertas, his company is “critical to the delivery/pick-up of over 10,000 packages every week.”

He reported that Butt, a manager since December 2019, was fired the morning of Jan. 6. His access to company systems was revoked, particularly a program called “Route Smart,” which FedEx uses to plan logistics of delivery routes, according to Ertas.

However, 12 hours after the firing, Butt is accused of using a company laptop to gain access and delete crucial information from that program and another that it's connected to.

Ertas provided police with copies of text messages he exchanged with Butt that night.

Butt said he “cleaned out DRO...Eric and Jeff can do it better. Good luck.”

Ertas replied, “That’s a prosecutable crime Johnny. I am very disappointed with you.”

Butt questioned, “Crime? Not sure what you meant,” and a few minutes later said, “DRO was my hard work. Not just handing it over.”

DRO, according to Ertas, stands for “Dynamic Route Optimization,” and is a cloud-based software program that streamlines all of FedEx’s pertinent delivery and pickup information.

That includes which truck each package belongs in, driver details, truck service areas, scheduled stops, package counts, specific notes for each address and sequence of deliveries.

Ertas told police, “This data takes a significant amount of time to create and is vital for company operation.”

Fixing the issues created by Butt cost ERT Logistics, Inc. $4,349 in employee overtime and required “around the clock” effort, Ertas told police.

When contacted by The Eagle-Tribune, Ertas said he would not disclose the initial reason for firing Butt until the criminal case is closed.

Butt did not answer a phone call from the newspaper.

Court paperwork shows that he is free on a $10,000 bond and cannot have contact with Ertas or his company in any way.

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