DERRY — Derry police are warning the public to be careful of phone scams that have affected several people in the area recently.

The police posted the warning on social media, saying the department has received numerous phone calls from parents saying they had received a call from their children saying they had been in a car accident and telling them to "come to the police station."

Police say these calls are scams with people posing as children and telling parents they are seriously injured and need a lawyer.

The scammer then provides a phone number to the parent, saying it's a lawyer's number, police say.

People should not call that number or give any information over the phone.

Police urge anyone that truly believes it was their own child at the other end of the call to hang up and contact the child's actual phone number.

Anyone who thinks they have fallen victim to this scam or any other scam can contact Derry police at 603-432-6111.

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