Police: Woman kidnapped in Windham for 5 days 

Courtesy photos/Windham policeAlec Blazek, left, and Felisa Blazek

WINDHAM — A 24-year-old man with a history of abusing women was arrested alongside his mother after his girlfriend was held captive in their home for five days, according to police.

Alec Blazek, of 34 Doiron Road, is facing five counts of domestic violence simple assault, a separate count of domestic violence strangulation, and a count of kidnapping, according to Windham police.

Felisa Blazek, 49, is charged with kidnapping.

Windham police Capt. Mike Caron said the mother and son, who live together, are accused of holding Blazek’s girlfriend against her will from Monday, Feb. 10 until Saturday, Feb. 15. During that time, Alec Blazek is accused of physically assaulting her. Police did not release the victim's name.

The Blazeks were driving with the victim Feb. 15 when she jumped out of the car at the intersection of Zachary Crossing and Route 111, which is near the Windham-Salem line, according to police.

“She was running down the street and a passerby saw her and drove her to Salem PD,” Caron said.

Neither of the Blazeks spoke to police, according to Caron. However, court records indicate it was not Alec Blazek's first encounter with law enforcement.

Records show that since 2012, when Blazek was 15 years old, four women have sought legal protection from him.

He accepted plea deals and avoided jail in every instance he was criminally charged with abuse toward women and other criminal wrongdoings, according to records.

Caron said following the Windham arrest that the latest victim provided a statement detailing what she experienced.

Court records name the four other women who have filed domestic violence petitions against Alec Blazek. Three of the requests for protection were upheld, meaning he legally had to stay away. The other petition was withdrawn.

A search of court records shows 24 cases against him — a combination of the domestic violence petitions, criminal charges and juvenile delinquency petitions.

Two cases in which Blazek is named a defendant date back to 2012, when he was 15 years old. Details are not available because he was a minor.

In 2014, when Blazek was 18, a judge dismissed charges of second-degree assault, criminal threatening with a deadly weapon, burglary and simple assault. He was ordered to participate in a diversion program, used in the court system as an alternative to incarceration. 

He was arrested earlier the same year in Sandown for DWI and negligent driving. After pleading guilty to the lesser charge, the DWI was dismissed and Blazek paid a $310 fine to close the case.

Court documents detail another case from February 2015 when Blazek was 19 and arrested in Brentwood for second-degree assault, resisting arrest and domestic violence simple assault.

The case wrapped up later that year, in October, when he pleaded guilty to second-degree assault and resisting arrest. The remaining charge was dismissed as part of a plea deal.

Judge Marguerite Wageling ruled that Blazek would not be sent to the House of Corrections if he was on good behavior for two years, completed a Batterers Intervention Program, underwent other counseling and did not have any contact with the victim.

Four years later, in November 2019, he was arrested when another victim had a similar experience. Court records list the charges as stalking domestic violence, domestic violence simple assault, false imprisonment and obstructing a report of domestic violence.

Blazek was 22 at the time and took a familiar plea deal that kept him out of jail.

When Blazek admitted to two of the stalking charges, Judge Amy Messer suspended jail time under the conditions that he was on good behavior for three years, underwent mental health treatment and did not have any contact with the victim.

An August 2019 case in Brentwood District Court ended with a guilty plea for domestic violence simple assault and disorderly conduct. Blazek's jail sentence was suspended given he remained on good behavior for two years, complied with treatment and did not have contact with the victim.

A Rockingham Superior Court judge is scheduled to arraign Blazek on the latest charges out of Windham on March 12.

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