HAMPSTEAD — Quick showers, laundry once a week and a reliance on paper plates and plastic silverware — these are only a few of the tactics the Anthony family has learned to use since July, when the fourth well on their property went dry. 

According to the well drilling experts they've consulted, a fifth well won't solve the problem. Their deepest well is already three times as deep as the average well in New Hampshire. 

Currently the family has water delivered, using the dry well as a cistern to hold to hold 400 gallons of water, and switching to a 300 gallon storage tank when that runs dry. 

The Anthonys are not alone. Several neighbors on Main Street have been experiencing problems with wells, and along with Anthony, have formed a group looking for solutions to the water shortage in the neighborhood. 

In the meantime, local residents have donated dozens of gallons of water to the Anthonys. The family also received a turkey the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

"People are so incredibly nice when they come drop off water," said mom Deanna Anthony. "And for us, it's not just about the water. It's a reminder that we have support and that people care about our family. It means a lot."

Since fellow Hampstead resident Pattie Fairbanks doesn't have an issue with her well supply, she has made donations twice to the Anthony family. 

"I donated 80 bottles of water the first time and 5 gallons this time," said Fairbanks. "I drive by her house and I think of her family."

Community member Jodi Lacasse also assisted the family.  

"It's costing a lot of money for them to truck water in each month," said Lacasse. "It's ridiculous. It's winter."

Lacasse realizes the importance of the donation, understanding the right to have water.

"No one should have to live without water in our country," said Lacasse, "and the price of trucking water in is like another mortgage payment."

Deanna Anthony said she is very grateful for all of the community outreach and support she and her family have received.

"I cannot imagine my own children not being able to get a drink of water or not to be able to just run a bath," Lacasse said.  

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