Rogue Plaistow peacock reunited with mate, owner

Courtesy of Newton Police. A rogue peacock was taken into custody by animal control and Newton police officers Sunday. The wandering bird was reunited his owner and mate on Monday.

PLAISTOW — Animal control officers are used to taking difficult suspects into custody. 

But a local peacock gave Maura Wentworth — the animal control officer for Plaistow, Atkinson and Hampstead — pause. 

Peacocks can be very aggressive — especially males and especially at this time of year, their mating season. 

Wentworth received several phone calls last weekend with sightings of the wandering bird. Her first instinct was to find the owner, to aid in the peacock's capture.

“Typically they are pretty hard to catch, we hoped he’d go home on his own,” she said.

However, Wentworth couldn't find the owner and sightings of the odd bird mounted.

In the end, Wentworth, Newton animal control officer Kathryn Drouin and a few Newton police officers were able to corner the peacock and take it into custody.

“He wasn’t aggressive at all, just intimidating,” Wentworth said. “He was pretty tame. It wasn’t hard to catch him. We blocked his escape route and caught him with a net.”

The peacock rode in a cruiser being held by Drouin’s husband once it was captured, Wentworth said.

Monday afternoon the male peacock was reunited with his mate after his owner saw news reports about the bird, Wentworth said.

She wanted to remind residents to report missing pets to police to aid in their capture. She advises people to use the non-emergency police number for their town.

“It’s very difficult to catch even a chicken,” she said.

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