SALEM, N.H. — Jennifer Beland wrote a story about her 5-year-old golden doodle Buster. He was an anxious dog who didn’t like the scratchy grass, nor the loud noises in the house when he first moved in.

Beland decided to write a picture book to follow his adventure of making his new home his own, and finding his strengths.

The Salem resident got the idea for her book through her 20-year career working in special education and the mental health field. Beland is currently working as a special education teacher in Lowell. She specifically works with kids who have sensory processing issues, like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or anxiety.

“My goal (with the book) is to help make kids feel like there’s not something wrong with them,” Beland said. “Once they recognize those things, they can move on with those as their strengths.

“‘Buster, the Delicate Doodle’ is a heartwarming picture book about learning to accept yourself for all your eccentricities,” she said. “Buster is a very special dog who gets easily irritated and nervous, but learns to grow and embrace these unique tendencies and provide support to those around him.”

In the book, Buster’s dog walker, Kim, has conversations with the dog about his worries, Beland explained.

“She talks about his special gifts and talents, and how he uses those to see the world differently from most others,” Beland said. “I want this book to be a good resource to start those thoughts and discussions. It can be used in class lessons where kids talk about their strengths.”

Beland grew up in Methuen, and that is where her book will have its official launch. The launch event for “Buster, the Darling Doodle” will be held Friday, May 3 from 3 to 6:30 p.m. at the Irish Cottage Function Hall.

Ana Peuyo illustrated the book, and the book will officially be on sale in June by Mascot Books.

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