SALEM, N.H. — Summer learning continues online and remote for Salem students this summer, as the district navigates the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We would traditionally be holding enrichment programs in the classrooms," said Claudia Dell'Anno, director of continuing education. "But since schools are closed through the summer, we will be shifting to a virtual series of classes."

Summer enrichment programs include performing arts, sports, baking, technology and other types of programs. Some programs are one week, while others last the whole summer. There's been over 200 registrations for programs and positive feedback from parents, Dell'Anno said.

“We want to make sure that students who want to be engaged as much as they can this summer have an opportunity to do so with us.” Superintendent Michael Delahanty told the school board earlier this week.

New this year is also an option to pay by credit card online when signing up for a program, Delahanty added. About 75% of registrations have used that option, he said.

School board member Bernard Campbell asked how the performing arts programs would work, especially if there was no opportunity to gather to perform, he said. 

“Actually we’ve had a few shows this spring that have been all online,” said Deborah Payne, assistant superintendent of business operations. “So students have engaged through Zoom and other platforms to put together a presentation — musical, singing, poetry, all kinds of things have happened. It’s a different format, and it’s certainly going to challenge students to rise to a different level of expressing themselves on camera in maybe a way they haven’t had to do on stage in the past.”

There are 35 programs with options for students in kindergarten through high school. More information can be found at

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