Bernie Sanders might have been the ultimate winner Tuesday night, however most local towns chose Pete Buttigieg as their favorite candidate. 

Sanders received 15,331 votes to Buttigieg's 17,936 in Rockingham County, according to results released by the New Hampshire Secretary of State.

Though Sanders maintained a lead throughout the night and won by wide margins in cities like Manchester, Nashua and the state capitol, Concord, the former Indiana mayor and Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar split votes in more suburban communities around the state.

Klobuchar was polling in single digits until last Friday. A strong performance in the latest Democratic debate gave her a boost before the primary, propelling her to third place with nearly 20% of the vote.

Both Democrats and Republicans saw record turnouts at the polls Tuesday. Democrats cast 300,622 ballots -- the most cast in the state in the last 12 years. Republicans cast a record 156,418 ballots, with President Donald Trump receiving 86% of the votes.

Overall 46.6% of registered voters participated in the first-in-the-nation primary.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg did not appear on the New Hampshire ballot, however the Democrat was among the favorite write-ins across the Granite State.

Bloomberg has focused his time and money on winning states that come later in the primary, ones with larger delegate totals.

In Salem, Town Moderator Chris Goodnow was surprised by the Republican turnout with an incumbent president seeking reelection, he said. Of the ballots cast, 43.8% were in the Republican primary. 

In Danville, Town Clerk Christine Tracy said many people registered the day of the election. She was happily surprised by the nearly 50% turnout, she said. She expects there to be lots of activity come the November election, based on the new voter activity on Tuesday, she said.

In Atkinson, Town Clerk Julianna Hale said there was a 42.5% voter turnout and many undeclared voters came out to cast ballots. 

"The weather was in our favor, and people were very amicable," she said. "We didn't have any of the divisive undertones that are talked about (in the media) and it went smoothly."

The race thinned for Democrats Tuesday as results rolled in.

Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet and entrepreneur Andrew Yang both dropped their presidential pursuits that night. Deval Patrick, the former Massachusetts governor, dropped out Wednesday morning.

Former Vice President Joe Biden came in fifth Tuesday night. He left New Hampshire before the polls closed, calling into his campaign's rally via video conference to thank supporters.

A Wednesday morning a campaign email said that he is focusing on Nevada and South Carolina, which are the next two states to vote.

After those two states weigh in, Bay State voters will cast their ballots along with 13 other states on March 3 as part of Super Tuesday. 

Results provided by town clerks and the New Hampshire Secretary of State. Complied by Madeline Hughes.

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