Dr. Earl Metzler

Dr. Earl Metzler

PLAISTOW — The SAU 55 School Board is negotiating with Superintendent Earl Metzler on his resignation.

Board Chairman Bryan Boyle called a special meeting Thursday to discuss personnel issues.

At the meeting, the board made two motions: one to execute a contract for an interim superintendent and another to negotiate with Metzler about his resignation.

"We had a meeting with council last night to talk about personnel matters and I called a special meeting tonight to follow up on some pressing SAU matters," said SAU 55 School Board Chairman Boyle.

Boyle first made a motion to execute a contract for an interim superintendent for the 2020-21 school year. Board members approved it 9-6. All five Hampstead board members and Sarah Machemer of the Timberlane board voted against it.

Hampstead board members have had no input into the process, they said.

"We have not even had a chance to talk to this person via Zoom or other technology," said Hampstead board member David Smith.

"What I'm trying to do is make sure the SAU 55 is never without a superintendent," Boyle said, adding that there can be a meeting with Hampstead board members and the interim superintendent before he is formally hired.

Machemer wouldn't vote for the interim superintendent because no "key stakeholders, such as our building administrators, our teachers and support staff unions and our communities" had input into the process, she said.

The board did not say who the interim superintendent will be because he is still under contract in his current district, Boyle said.

The board went into a non-public session for about a half hour before making the motion about Metzler's resignation, according to a time-stamped video of the meeting.

The motion to allow board members to negotiate with Metzler about his resignation passed 13-1. Smith was the only no vote.

Metzler is no longer the with SAU 55, according to his LinkedIn profile. His new position is listed as "Executive Consultant at Hampstead School District."

When asked about his job, Metzler said he couldn't comment. He referred a reporter to his LinkedIn profile.

"My new role is there," he said.

Reporter Breanna Edelstein contributed to this story.

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