Are communities are scaring up some fall fun, with community service and support in mind.

Towns are displaying unique scarecrows again this year, with proceeds going to help community projects, service missions, historical efforts and libraries.

In Chester, the town is celebrating the 11th year of its scarecrow project with "The Village People of Chester" dotting the community's landscape in varying degrees of unique attire, from historical figures, cartoon characters, famed movie scenes, and much more.

Proceeds in Chester go to support the Chester Historical Society. Crowds clamor to the community on sunny days to see the scarecrows, with nearly 1,000 standing tall around town and serving as creative photo opportunities. Maps are available locally to show specific spots to view the scarecrows.

Some recent winds toppled a few scarecrows in Chester, and social media lit up to make sure all was taken care of, including a message from one resident saying her young son was sad to see scarecrows falling over from the wind. The family has posted that they often stop and try to straighten any leaning scarecrow.

Atkinson is also hosting its scarecrow project to support the Atkinson Historical Society. This is the fourth year for Atkinson's burlap-faced creations, selling out at $25 each and giving residents a chance to show off their scarecrow creativity.

In Sandown, scarecrows were sold to support the Friends of the Sandown Library. Fun characters stand around town at Town Hall, at the fire station, library, and on private property, including fun tributes to Forrest Gump and other famed movie stars. The town offers its "Fall Friends" tour with maps and information available to highlight where the scarecrows are standing.

Plaistow's second annual scarecrow display supports the Plaistow Exchange Club and its community service projects and missions, including the support of seniors, veterans, children and families, and the local food pantry. Plaistow residents can also vote for their favorite scarecrows with an official contest in place, including choosing a "Viewers Choice" award.

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