Travis Demers

Travis Demers

SALEM, N.H. — A registered sex offender was arrested by Salem police recently after reportedly using a cell phone to record a woman using a restroom.

Police say the woman was at a business on Mall Road on May 30 when she saw the phone held under a stall divider, either recording or taking photos of her.

The woman told police that she confronted the unknown man, and was able to provide a description of him.

Police say that description and surveillance footage helped identify him as Travis Demers, 24, of Manchester.

Demers was arrested Saturday, July 30, in Candia for a separate incident, records show. He was handed over to Salem authorities when an active warrant for his arrest was discovered.

He faces a misdemeanor count of violation of privacy and will face a judge in 10th Circuit Court in Salem.

The New Hampshire sex offender registry shows that Demers was convicted in 2019 and 2020 for four counts of violation of privacy, resisting arrest, simple assault, driving with a suspended car registration and prohibited drug activity.

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