Summer prank has family ties

COURTESY PHOTOThis creepy display was left in the yard of one local woman, with a phone number to call that leads callers to a strange voice and message. It turned out to be a family prank.

DERRY — What may have been a disturbing prank in one local woman's backyard turned out to be just a family member wanting to have some fun.

Christine Marcinkewich Pelotte of Derry posted on the Bringing Derry Together Facebook page Thursday, saying she discovered a rather creepy white Halloween mask wrapped around a closed red patio umbrella.

The mask also had a phone number scrawled on its plastic surface: 408-634-2806.

When the number is called, a voice answers with spooky music playing along with other cryptic messages.

Dozens responded to Pelotte's original Facebook post, offering advice, concerns, and even suggestions of starting a neighborhood watch to help the area stay safe.

Some comments said security cameras were needed and others said to call police.

But as it turned out, the mask was placed by Pelotte's uncle as an innocent prank.

Until Pelotte found out it was her uncle that left the mask, she said on social media she was rather disturbed that someone had come into her yard on Stark Road to leave the mask and phone number message.