SALEM, N.H. — Workers for the Unitil gas company have repaired a natural gas line that cracked Monday morning when an independent contractor working for the town hit it, officials said.

According to an updated statement from the gas company, the urgent repairs on South Broadway in front of Drive Fitness were finished Monday night. Unitil workers were also tasked with re-lighting service at individual homes and businesses. 

"The first sweep of relights in the affected area, including residential customers and critical care facilities were completed by approximately 1 a.m.," the statement said.

Gas technicians remained in the area Tuesday morning to notify and re-light the remaining commercial customers as businesses opened.

All re-lights are expected to be completed by noon Tuesday, according to the company.

Anyone experiencing issues with their gas service should call Unitil.

A report will appear in Wednesday's print edition of The Eagle-Tribune.

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