WINDHAM — Members of the town's historic district/heritage commission met with the trustees of the Windham Museum and members of the Windham Historical Society on recently to discuss ways to mark the community's upcoming bicenterquasquigenary. 

A "bicenterquasquigenary" is a 275th anniversary, and local history buffs hope to see Windham mark the celebration in a special way when it comes around in August 2017. The last anniversary the town noted was the 250th, and a local committee did a great job of celebrating the date, according to commission Chairman Frank Farmer. 

The First New Hampshire Regiment, a Revolutionary War re-enactment group, spent a weekend in town, he recalled. 

"They did an encampment on Friday, stayed over and on Saturday had a mock battle over by the (Crossing Life) church near the depot," he said. "There was a blacksmith and other things from the Revolutionary War era. The governor came down and gave us a citation. They had a dance, and there were a number of other things of that general nature that went on."

Many of the residents who worked on that committee are still in town and Farmer is hoping that they'll join in marking the town's 275th anniversary.

But the group who attended the recent meeting spent a good deal of its time listening to a presentation by Paul Lindemann, a Derry Heritage Commission member who is organizing the "Nutfield 300" program. That effort is aimed at celebrating the 300th anniversary of the former town of "Nutfield" in 2019 — the old municipality included what is now Derry, Londonderry and Windham, as well as a portion of Salem.

As for the Windham's 275th anniversary, Farmer said that plans are still in initial phases but he did not think it would be as large as the 250th celebration. 

"It will probably be a day," rather than a weekend-long event, he said. 

"After all, it's only been 25 years since the 250th so it's not going to be as big," Farmer added.